Two Opportunities on a Newly-Accessible Coast

If you are already a reader of my Pathfinder Alerts you will know that we can profit by positioning ourselves ahead of the Path of Progress. Like most solid investment ideas it’s pretty intuitive…obvious really. If real estate becomes more accessible, it’s likely to increase in value. Infrastructure like roads, bridges, airports, air and rail routes will do just that. Particularly if the newly-accessible area is a stunning coast of sandy beaches, rocky coves and steep jungle-clad hills.

Ecuador’s north Pacific coast is just the thing I look for.

-It’s stunningly beautiful

-New roads and bridges mean that it is newly accessible

-Real estate prices are among the lowest you will find anywhere. There are two great projects where you can buy an 1,800 square foot house overlooking the water in a gated community from as little as $115,000.

Let me explain…

I’ve driven almost all of Ecuador’s 1,400-mile coastline, exploring its beach towns, sandy coves and rocky headlands…not once, but seven times. I’ve traveled by jeep, boat, and quad bike. Around every corner you find a different microclimate, topography and vegetation.

The nicest stretch is a 100-mile-long piece of coastline where lush, green, virgin tropical forest rises from rocky crags and soft-sand beaches. The weather and topography here are unlike anywhere else in Ecuador. To the south, the coast is mostly covered with dry brown scrub and thin vegetation. North of here it turns muggy, buggy and wet. But in this spot you get plenty of sunshine… and enough rain to keep the forest that blankets the hillsides a rich green.

And it’s not just the weather that’s amazing. Hiking in the rich green jungle provides a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds. Howler monkeys erupt in the canopy with their roaring growls, brightly colored butterflies dance in the breeze and birds bounce from flower to flower. Offshore, whales feed and play with their young.

I’m talking about Ecuador’s coast between Canoa and Pedernales. This is a part of the world I’ve mentioned in these alerts before. I consider this a Path of Progress play. This place has stayed undervalued because it was difficult to get to. Today, though, that’s changed. And because of that (combined with the sheer natural beauty), people will come. The best deals will be snapped up. And, as word gets out, I expect prices will rise.

Until recently, you could take a domestic flight to Manta (a coastal city), then drive north along the coast to Bahia, where you waited for a ferry before continuing along a pothole-riddled road to the stretch of beach I like so much. Or you could drive directly from Quito to the coast—but that would take you seven-plus hours and it was a bone-shaking ride.

But now this area between Canoa and Pedernales is much easier to access. Infrastructure improvements completed last year mean that, today, this is the closest beach area to Ecuador’s capital, Quito, and to its international airport.

The highway direct from Quito to the coast is complete.

-And if, instead, you travel via Manta, you no longer have to wait for a ferry. There’s a shiny new bridge. And once you cross, you find on the other side a road that has been dramatically upgraded.

This is an area that’s on our radar at The Pathfinder Alert. That’s why this week in these alerts we will focus on this stretch of coast and its two best opportunities.

Opportunity one

Perched on a little cliff a few steps above a wide sandy beach, around 10 miles north of Jama, is one development where you can find a brand-new 1,800-square-foot home overlooking the beach for $115,000.

Ocean-blue views stretch to the horizon and south along the coast. The beach offers ample space for swimming and volleyball…and there’s nature all around for hiking, biking and boating. Planned amenities within this gated community include tennis courts and restaurants.

Opportunity two

Another established project along this stretch of coast is just outside the village of El Matal. This community sits alongside the sand. A thousand coconut palms dot the development. The protected hills at the back of the property provide a fresh green backdrop to the deep-blue ocean waves.

The homes in the development are chic, nicely constructed, and finished with local materials. All the wood cabinetry, doors and windows are made on-site. Here, you could buy a lot and build a home for $115,000 all in.

If you’re a member of Pathfinder alerts, watch your inbox this week for our full reports on Ecuador’s North Pacific Coast real estate opportunites . This is a place you will want to explore. We’ll show you how…and how to get the best deal.  (If you’re not a member of Pathfinder Alerts, sign up today for free here. We’ll also send you a free report on 12 Killer Real Estate Deals for $50,000 or Less

Editor’s Note:Ronan McMahon is a director of Pathfinder, IL’s preferred real estate advertiser.


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