Uruguay’s “Beach Province” For Less Than $60,000 an Acre

In the Uruguayan Department of Rocha, waves crash from the blue sea onto the wide, white sands.

Small, rolling dunes…like you would see on Nantucket (off Cape Cod) separate the beach from gently rolling hills.

Just inland from the ocean, the protected Laguna de Rocha is a nature lover’s and boater’s paradise, with its 18,000 acres of pristine wilderness.

This part of Uruguay’s unspoiled coast also hosts the country’s best beaches, with vast stretches of unspoiled sand bordering deep, blue waters. In fact, the beaches here are even nicer than in nearby Punta del Este…where the jet set has been known to pay more than $7 million for a condo.

The cheerful and energetic La Paloma is the area’s biggest beach town, while the upmarket La Pedrera has a quieter and more genteel ambiance. Tiny Cabo Polonia is famous for its shifting sand dunes, and bohemian residents.

Rocha is a special place…a great place to visit and spend time.

But it’s also a place with incredible opportunity.

Rocha is the province that stretches east from Punta del Este to the border with Brazil. As development continues to move steadily up the coast from Punta, I expect real estate prices will rise.

This stretch of coast is in the sights of a handful of international developers. Argentina’s most prominent developer, Eduardo Costantini, is planning a $350-million project here. Federivo Alvarez Castillo (founder of clothing chains Mango and Etiqueta Negra) revealed in a recent magazine interview that he has plans for a development in Rocha, too.

The big driver in Uruguay is the “soya dollar.” That is, the agro-wealth that’s been created within Uruguay, as well as neighboring Brazil and Argentina. Also fueling the fire, Uruguay’s tourism numbers are up an astonishing 40% as of January 2011, bringing more people to the scene.

Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff was in Uruguay last week to sign bilateral trade agreement and discuss infrastructure projects that will improve economic links with Brazil.

And the buyers from neighboring countries are here in force…from Brazil because it’s booming… and from Argentina, because inflation is driving prices up. In the region, Uruguay is the most desirable destination for those looking to invest safely.

Rocha is a place that’s on my radar.

That’s why I was so excited that developer Daniel Oks could join us in Toronto for our International Real Estate Investment Forum.

His amenity-rich project is close to one of the best beaches in Rocha, and the Laguna de Rocha. Residents will be able to enjoy golf and tennis within the gates of their community. Attendees here in Toronto (and members of RETA) can buy a half-acre lot priced from $31,900. Better still they get to subtract a 10% conference discount. That gives an entry point of $28,710.

If you weren’t able to join us in Toronto for the International Real Estate Investment Forum, you can still take advantage of what was revealed to the small group assembled there. See here for more information.

It’s important to understand that the market of wealthy Argentineans that drive the market here can be particular in their tastes. A place or a project can become very fashionable, and buyers will flood in. This can be led by an influential person or group. They get their other influential friends in from the get-go and start the trend.

The developer Daniel Oks is just such a person who leads trends…the kind that people watch.

Daniel is a prominent former banker from Buenos Aires. He is well connected. And his real estate development track record is on full view in glossy books on the coffee tables of Argentina’s wealthy. His projects include some of the region’s most photographed, high-end, and architecturally unique homes. He has proven his capacity to attract the right clientele.

To find out more about buying a half-acre lot here from as little as $28,710…and get in at the same price as if you were with us in Toronto…just access the Forum recordings, available to buy here.

Editor’s Note: Ronan McMahon is a director of Pathfinder, IL’s preferred real estate advertiser.