Video: Día de Los Boyeros, Costa Rica

Every year, on the second Sunday in March, residents of Escazu, a suburb of Costa Rica‘s capital, San Jose, gather to celebrate the agricultural heritage of the region during El Día de Los Boyeros, or Day of the Oxcart Driver. In early morning, about a 100 brightly-painted oxcarts gather in front of the church in the center of San Miguel de Escazú. Their destination: San Antonio de Escazú,  a mountain town up the road.

In 2013, the holiday celebrated its 30th year.

Years past, oxcarts were the main way to haul crops from farm to market, as well as coffee beans from the mountains to ports on the coast. Today, a few oxen are still used daily on family farms but for most they are a link to the past.

It is also the time when a priest comes to bless the crops and animals the farmers have brought to the parade.

Awaiting the oxcart drivers in San Antonio is a day-long fiesta filled with food, traditional marimba and fun.


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