IL’s Weekly Wrap-Up Video: Five Reasons Why Nicaragua is One of the Best Overseas Real Estate Markets Around

See the video below, where Dan Prescher reports from Merida, Mexico, with your weekly wrap-up of International Living postcards for the week ending January 22.


We’ve all heard the old adage that money can’t buy happiness and that material possessions won’t bring long-term satisfaction. But we say that having plenty of money and lots of possessions suited us just fine… But, as it turned out, not having them felt even better. By moving abroad, we discovered that we could have more fun and enjoyment for less money… a deal he’s pretty pleased with. Find out how he did it in his January 17 postcard.

Margaret Summerfield of Pathfinder writes in tell us that, while tourist numbers grew steadily in Nicaragua over the last three years, property prices didn’t. Nicaragua is rated as one of the top destinations to visit in 2011 by Lonely Planet, Travel Agewest and Shermans Travel, but the place is full of property bargains of all kinds. Margaret tells you the five specific reasons that Nicaragua is one of the best overseas real estate markets around in her postcard.

IL European editor, Steenie Harvey, is on the road and writing from what has been called a “French island basking in the Italian sun.” No large scale resorts, no over-development. Instead, Steenie tells us about 600 miles of coastline necklaced with silver beaches, crescent moon coves, stone towers and tiny fishing villages. No need to guess where this is…it’s Corsica…but it’s Corsica as only Steenie Harvey can describe it. Read for yourself in Steenie’s postcard.

On January 20, Steenie continues here Corsican journey with a visit to the villages of the Balagne region, with grandstand views of white yachts, silver sands and luminous blue sea. And if you feel like making Corsica your home, Steenie says a one-bedroom, 35-square-meter apartment in Ile Rousse can be had for $160,000. Far less than French Riviera prices, but the same weather and completely unspoiled. Find out more in Steenie’s postcard.

IL contributor, Darius Fisher has a way that you can live abroad rent-free…no hotels, no guesthouses…your own home for a week, a month or more. He did it in Amsterdam, and over three glorious weeks, he munched cumin-speckled Gouda from the local cheese shop, biked along cobblestone streets, sipped wine on his doorstep, and got to know the Dutch capital. The best part was, he did it all rent-free. How? Find out in his January 21 postcard.

You may have heard of Cancun and the Papagayo Peninsula in Costa Rica… two places where the path of progress make savvy investors rich if they knew enough to recognize the signs early. Ronan McMahon of Pathfinder Real Estate says three things are essential… vision, credible research and the ability to stay the trade, and Ronan knows three places where the path of progress is on the march.

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