Video: Homes for Less Than $175,000 in Dungarvan, Ireland

The town of Dungarvan lies on Ireland’s southeast coast, in the county of Waterford. Dungarvan has a pleasant harbor that is dotted with sailboats, since mooring is free here. In town, Dungarvan’s main streets are lined with two- and three-story, colorfully-painted buildings whose storefronts house restaurants, pubs, and shops. The town also has a few medieval buildings—evidence of its long history.

The town runs right to the water’s edge, with streets that curve along the retaining wall above the water. Here you’ll find a number of small terrace homes as well as apartments, all with sea views. Across an estuary accessed via a bridge, there is another part of town with larger, modern homes. And prices are reasonable: Real estate agents list numerous two- and three-bedroom homes in the area starting as low as about $175,000.

In this video you’ll see:

  • Dungarvan’s harbor, looking out to sea
  • Dungarvan’s waterfront area, with boat moorings, restaurants, and apartments on buildings’ upper stories
  • One of the town’s several museums
  • Dungarvan’s colorful streets and the variety of shops

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