Video: How I Boosted a Mexican Condo’s Occupancy Rate By 72% In One Month

Last year I was fortunate to spend some time in one of my favorite places—Tulúm, Mexico. I was carrying out an interior design project for two condos that belonged to a client. When the job was finished, I handed them both over to the local vacation rental management company, who promised a 32% to 34% occupancy rate. Not a stellar rate, but not terrible for the first few years of business.

In September, I got a shocking call from that client who asked me to review his booking calendar from last year. I discovered he was only achieving 6% occupancy. That meant, 94% of the time, his beautifully furnished condos were sitting empty. The money, the time, the loving care, all for naught.

I agreed to take over the management and marketing of the condos myself and within a month, I had him at 78% for high season. Granted, I had the advantage of timing—people were ready and eager to book. And I know marketing of VRs. I had a great product to sell, was passionate about it, and practiced great customer care.

Watch my video which explains how I did it.

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