Video of Masachapa Beach: A Popular Vacation Home Spot in Nicaragua

In this video, in the Nicaraguan seaside town of Masachapa…an old-fashioned beach town that was popular with Managua’s wealthy as far back as the 1940s. With few exceptions, today’s Masachapa is not fancy…and generally not a place where you’d come to experience fine dining and high-end amenities.

Masachapa is a popular vacation home spot, and there are plenty of shops and markets that supply basic necessities for homeowners…which now include a diverse mix of international buyers. Its wide beaches, beachfront bars and restaurants also draw many a day-trip visitor from nearby Managua on the weekends.

In this video, you’ll see:

  • A wide unspoilt, quiet beach with dark sand
  • Grass-root structures, which are seafood restaurants, popular on the weekends
  • Tips on how to hire a beach buggy to look for properties here—there are few more-exciting ways to look for properties in a foreign country

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