Video Postcard—Bantry: One of The Most Beautiful Bays in Ireland

IL editor Glynna Prentice takes you on a tour of Bantry, a popular seaside village in southwestern Ireland. Located in County Cork, Bantry Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in Ireland. It’s also historically important—this was where the French fleet was supposed to land in Ireland’s unsuccessful 1798 uprising against the British.

Today Bantry and its beautiful bay attract tourists from around the world. For years it has also attracted expats, primarily European, making it one of the most sophisticated and international villages in Ireland. Today’s expats tend to come from Britain and France, seeking a lifestyle they can no longer find at home: safe, secure, friendly village life in an area that retains its bucolic country feel.

And thanks to Ireland’s current economic woes, properties are more affordable than they’ve been in years—even in a town as popular as Bantry. Local realtors say that you can find three-bedroom properties for sale here starting below €200,000, which is about $280,000 at current exchange rates.

In this video you will see:

  • Scenes of downtown Bantry, with its low-rise, colorfully-painted buildings
  • Views of Bantry Bay from the terrace of Bantry House, one of Ireland’s most beautiful Great Homes
  • Bantry Harbor, with its fishing boats
  • Bantry’s small beach and long seaside esplanade

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