Video Postcard: The Lively Side Streets of Santa Marta, Colombia

IL editors are El Rodadero—just a block in from the beach, just down the Caribbean coast from Santa Marta city in Colombia. Here you’ll find open-air markets, shops, casual restaurants of all types, and residential sectors. People are bustling about while Latino music plays in the background. In other words, it’s rather “un-Caribbean”…more like the rest of Latin America.

The Santa Marta region offers a lot of diverse options for the retiree or part-year homeowner…from the picturesque bay of Taganga to the new modern condos south of town. Each area has something special to offer. And property in this area is cheap. If you’re willing to settle a block or two back from the ocean, you can get a 1,200 square foot, three-bedroom, three-bath apartment for $111,000…and it even has an ocean view.

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