VIDEO: Ronan Answers Your Questions

We’ve seen a deluge of emails coming into our “questions and comments” inbox of late.

Keep them coming!

I try to respond to as many as I can. It’s actually a great way to pass the time while on a flight…and I’m just about to get on a plane back to Cabo.

Email you questions to: [email protected]

A few days ago, I sat down with my senior researcher, Margaret Summerfield, and answered your questions on video. In no particular order, here they are:

Valerie asks: Hi Ronan. You wrote about Portugal’s Golden Visa and its different levels—which I did not know existed.

What is the definition of a “low density location”? And what would be your suggestion for investing in real estate in the Algarve?

I would appreciate any advice you could give us for getting Golden Visa.


Dawn asks: Hi Ronan. You talk about investing in Portugal with fire sale condos, no money down, and about 1% borrowing costs. I’m wondering how that might work for those of us who are “small borrowers” and may not have massive cash assets (but a great credit rating).

Do you set up an LLC? I also wonder how easy it is to manage if you don’t speak the language and the deal is not a ‘plug and play’ with a rental manager.


Trisha asks: I’m putting a house on the market and hope to have it sold very soon. I’m interested in investing in real estate on a beach somewhere, and Playa Caracol looks perfect to me. I’ve researched a lot and been to Panama several times. What amount is necessary to invest in a condo and is the builder providing financing?

Spencer asks: I’m a RETA subscriber. I’m interested in getting a Uruguay passport under the investor program. Can you tell me where to get started?


Liam asks: Is it hard to qualify for a mortgage in Europe? I may be a cash buyer, but I’m curious about mortgages as well.

I’m also interested in large properties like hotels, large estates, etc. if I can get a good price. Any help would be appreciated.


Roger asks: I am interested in moving to Ecuador or somewhere in Central America. Can I get involved in investing with a minimal amount of finances?


Donal asks: I just signed up to follow your Roving Real Estate Investor e-letter…. I’m thinking about becoming a RETA member…

How much liquid cash do you recommend to make purchasing properties worthwhile?


Mark asks: Hi Ronan. As we embark on buying property outside of the U.S., do you have any recommendations for foreign currency bank management and tax services?

Philip says: I am a recent subscriber to RETA. I read the articles all the time. My quick question is this: When your team offers a “Hot Buy” RETA deal on a new project such as Caracol, do you have to have the entire sum of money up front? I have noticed in some of your articles, that you have put a sum of money down, not the entire “big hit.”

Wishing you good real estate investing.

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