IL’s June Issue Video: The Appeal of Living “Off-the-Grid”

In this video, Jennifer Stevens, IL’s Executive Editor reports from Granada, Nicaragua to tell you about some great finds and practical solutions we reveal in the June issue of International Living magazine, which is available online now.


We’ve noticed a trend among our readers who have picked up stakes and moved overseas. They keep telling us: I feel so free here. And “here” could be anywhere – from a Spanish colonial enclave in Nicaragua (where I am right now)…to a beachside escape in Costa Rica…to a swath of farmland in Ecuador

There’s something liberating about finding your own space in a place where you control your time and your life.

More and more, folks are following that call to freedom in literal terms. They’re settling not just outside the States… but off the grid, too.

In the June issue, we take a look at the appeal of living lighter on the land.

That used to mean lots of hard work and isolation. But today, with the world at our fingertips, it’s easy to find an affordable plot of fertile land to grow your own vegetables, raise some chickens, maybe milk some goats. Plus these days, even in remote corners, you can still check your e-mail 11 times a day if you feel like it. Our editor, Suzan Haskins talked with expats who have embraced this kind of life Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Ecuador.

Now, the freedom of life overseas needn’t come laden with a trowel.

In this month’s issue, we bring you reports from seven destinations scattered around the planet where you can live remarkably well… for less than it would cost you to stay home.

Dan Prescher reports, from a recent road trip through Costa Rica, that real estate in pockets along the coast is down 30% and more from its highs. There’s a window of opportunity there now. We show you exactly where to find the best deals…

Ronan McMahon shows you how you can buy along the best stretch of coast in Ecuador–for only $115,000… and position yourself nicely for “Path of Progress” gains.

Our European Editor, Steenie Harvey, reports on the incredible buys she uncovered recently in Tuscany–yes, Tuscany. In a corner of Italy locals call the “land of 100 castles,” you can buy your own romantic retreat for as little as $57,000. And yes, I did say Tuscany.

And that’s just a taste of an issue that’s jam-packed with ideas you can use.

We bring you a new way you can own property overseas–in your 401K.

We also tell you how to get the best deal on your rental car overseas. One trick saved our writer a full 25% on his car in Brazil.

Plus you’ll hear first-person reports from expats enjoying their good lives in Managua, Nicaragua… Bocas del Toro, Panama… and Nicoya, Costa Rica…

There’s lots more, too… a wine tour through South Africa, a tapas-driven tromp through Madrid… a business opportunity in Panama…

As a subscriber, you can access your June issue now online. And if you’d like to read it, but you’re not a subscriber yet, just click here to become one and gain access to this issue as well as our full archive and lots of other great perks, too.

I hope you enjoy the read… I know we all enjoyed putting it together for you.


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