Video: The Hills of Costa Rica’s Central Valley

Costa Rica’s Central Valley has been an expat haven for decades. For good reason.

It’s got one of the world’s best climates, averaging in the mid-70s year-round.

And most towns are within short driving distance (30 minutes to an hour-and-a-half) of the amenities of the capital, San José, and its suburbs like Cariari and Escazu. We’re talking North American-style shopping malls and multiplex movie theaters (with movies in English), plus the country’s best private hospitals.

San Ramon, about an hour-and-a-half west of San José, is a good-sized town with an active expat population, although this is the real Costa Rica, not an enclave. Home to the campus of the University of Costa Rica, it’s also known as a cultural center for art and music.

In the video below, Costa Rica Correspondent Jason Holland offers a glimpse of the hills and ridges surrounding San Ramon, where most expats live. Just 10 minutes from the center of town, you can be in a tranquil rural setting. And if you get a house on a ridge, you get a view of lush green hills clear to the Pacific Ocean.

This view comes cheap. A two-bedroom home can be rented for just $600 a month. If you want to buy there are plenty of options for $150,000 or lower.

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