Wake Up to Your Income Potential

Much of my day is spent grabbing baby boomers by the lapels—virtually—and shaking them awake to the avalanche of income opportunity that awaits them in the freelance economy.

Around 2008 came the severe economic downturn and companies began shedding like crazy—employees, staff, offices, buildings, health insurance…

The number of freelancers in the economy has exploded and predictions from Forbes magazine say freelance work will account for 50% of all “employment” by the year 2020.

Surprised to learn that statistic? Most boomers are. They hadn’t a clue that such a profound change was turning world economics upside down…and at the same time creating an opportunity for them to enjoy relevance, income, travel, and fun into their 60s, 70s and 80s.

Like a veterinarian I know from Tennessee. He “retired” and left his practice earlier than most veterinarians do so he could travel in Latin America. He writes articles for a number of online publications, files his stories online, and can earn from anyplace he’s in the world.

Then there is the retired dentist on his way to Mexico after starting a coaching practice helping other career professionals sort through their choices and options for earning by helping them first understand what skills they have that are in demand by online buyers.

One new expat has found regular work online doing very specialized data entry from a sun-kissed Caribbean coast for a client thousands of miles away…interesting balance of work, play, and endless sunsets along a scenic coastline.

I know a career graphics designer, who is leveraging his considerable talent managing advertising and marketing projects, work he now does online. He is NOT moving abroad but can now combine his work with extended travel that he never seemed to have time for before freelancing.

Then there’s the schoolteacher who is proofreading for a gardening website in the U.S. (gardening is a passion of hers) but doing it from the verdant and mystical mountains of Ecuador.

The list goes on…

Think about your own skills, your interests, and your wanderlust…

Isn’t it time to add your story to the list, learn to finally balance work and play…and make your next decade your most interesting one.

As baby boomers, we grew up with the idea of a career. Most of us went to work for small and large companies and worked there from a few years to decades.
And the idea of freelancing is a mystery to most of us…a blip on otherwise boring career and employment news.

But the world has changed for baby boomers in ways we’ve never seen before in our lifetimes. Portable income—the income that travels with you—really comes from the freelance economy.

I help people figure this out. Next month I’ll be holding a two-day Portable Income Intensive to identify your skills and get your new income going. If you want to take advantage of the freelance economy, join me.

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