“Only if You Want a Lot of Money and to Spend Time in France…”

Although we had never met, the young man on the phone asked if I could help him. He went on to explain that he was in his final year of medical school, had discovered he didn’t want to practice medicine and was purposely flunking out.

“What does your family think about that?” I asked. He quietly told me that they had disowned him. We talked a bit longer and I asked him if he knew what he loved. “Yes,” he said, sounding instantly upbeat. “France.” Further questioning revealed that he’d spent time in this country that he loves and spoke fluent French.

Then he said, “That’s why I called you. I have an idea for starting a business doing medical translation. What do you think?”

“Only if you want to make a lot of money and be forced to spend more time in France,” I declared.

The conversation continued with brainstorming ideas for launching this new enterprise. Both of us were feeling energized and optimistic as we ended our chat.

There are many reasons why I’ve never forgotten this conversation. This young man was smart enough to realize that new plans and dreams are fragile in their infancy so he was not about to solicit advice from uninformed sources. He went a step further and began gathering information from someone he thought could be helpful.

Many people dream about moving abroad and starting a new chapter in their lives, but don’t get past the wishful thinking phase. Connecting with those who are already doing what you are contemplating can make a big difference. That’s why Incomes Abroad is such a wonderful resource. It’s packed with stories about how people are making a living overseas.

If you’re going to succeed in the entrepreneurial life, you need to scout the truth for yourself and learn as much as you can about others who are sharing this path. Be endlessly curious about how other self-bossers got started, how they grew their businesses, how they plan their time, and what they love most about their lifestyle.

Seek out people who have done what you want to do yourself. Collect ideas from the stories in Incomes AbroadInterview people who have happily moved abroad, have successfully started a business, or done something you’re interested in doing yourself. These people are the members of your tribe.

Whenever possible, talk to people who are living their dreams and discover how much richer your life and business will be for having met them.

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