Watch the Dolphins, Walk the Dog, and Roll in Late

No one worries about what day it is in a gorgeous tropical location like Roatan. Every day is just like a Saturday and it’s always a good time for fun in the sun.

It’s a great place to earn a living because you actually feel like you’re living, not just working to survive and simply pay the bills.

And one of the best ways to earn a living in a tropical location is to socialize with the crowds.

Plenty of expats have created an income here doing what could be the best job in the world—one that leaves you plenty of free time to make the most of life.

That could mean spending the morning out on the water, fishing, snorkeling, and admiring the local wildlife or watching the dolphins play alongside the boat as you come back toward the beach.

Or maybe yours is just a leisurely morning walking the dog and sharing breakfast with neighbors. Many expats take yoga classes to start off their mornings, and with the job I have in mind you can certainly take advantage of those opportunities. This job offers such flexibility with your schedule that your hours are your own to do with them whatever you’d like.

Some expats doing this even find that the spare time they have enables them to start another business. Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur! And on an island like Roatan, business opportunities are available everywhere.

Later in the day, perhaps you will “clock in”…to spend time chatting with tourists, catching up with the familiar faces of local friends, and getting to know new people every single day.

Your “meetings” consist of banter and funny stories rather than time sheets and quotas. The success of your business is directly dependent upon the happiness of everyone around you.

And everyone is happy in a gorgeous tropical paradise. Most especially you.

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