Watch Your Money Go Further When You Earn Overseas

In our 14 years living and working abroad, my wife Suzan and I have often marveled at how much less expensive it is…not only for day-to-day living but for doing business.

We’re writers and editors, which means we can work at our craft from anywhere there is an Internet connection, which nowadays includes most of the planet.

And we’re not the only ones doing it. Web designers…copywriters…graphic artists…and many others are working from low-cost countries and pocketing the savings their lower cost of living makes possible.

Just by moving to the right destination, you can dramatically lower your cost of living. Therefore, any money you earn across the latitudes goes twice—even three times—as far as it would back home, depending on your location.

By living in a place where health care is very affordable by U.S. standards, taxes and utilities are often ridiculously low, and public transportation is cheap and plentiful, we can not only stretch our earnings farther, but actually put some away in savings each month. That’s a trick we could never quite manage back in the States.

And even as we manage to increase our savings each month, we’re also able to afford a housekeeper once a week. We’re actually becoming spoiled for doing our own cleaning.

There are dozens of countries where you can thrive on this bonus, and there are even more ways to take advantage of all they have to offer for earning extra income. All anyone interested in working abroad really needs to do is determine exactly what they want to do and match it with the best place to do it.

It takes research, understanding, and encouragement…but you’re going to find all that at IL’s Fund Your Life Overseas Conference in Phoenix this November.

Suzan and I were really impressed with this conference when it launched last year. It was like an incubator for some of the most innovative, creative overseas business ideas we’d ever heard.

We could almost see the sparks flying—people inspiring other people with opportunities they’d never imagined…new overseas approaches to tried-and-true business formulas…the immense global business possibilities opened up by the Internet. We lost count of the number of “Ah-Ha!” moments we saw and had ourselves.

It was an amazing couple of days, and we’re pretty sure it changed more than a few lives. That’s why we’re looking forward to the next one in Phoenix this November. It’s sure to be even bigger and better than last year’s, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.


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