Water View Properties–3 Places to Buy; 2 to Avoid

It’s amazing what people will do for a water view.

In one location, owners pay crazy money for giant concrete houses embedded in the side of a cliff. The ocean pounds away on the rocks underneath. It looks dramatic. But it’s a long way from anywhere—and the ocean is too cold for swimming most of the year. And I really can’t see why anyone would pay $5 million for that view. It’s nice, but nothing special.

In another place I visited, a newly-built luxury beach house perched on a sandy spit jutting out over the sea. The views were pretty. But I only had eyes for the building next door. It was a pile of rubble, a victim of the last hurricane to roar through these parts. I wondered how long the new house would last…

Some people will try to tell you that anything with a water view is worth an inflated price. I don’t agree.

In fact, if you know where to look, you can get a lake- or ocean-view property, on a tight budget…without any crazy compromises (or extreme weather systems).

Location #1. Just 45 minutes from this location, tourists flock to a spa town. They rarely venture to the other side of the lake. That’s a shame for them. Because they don’t know what they’re missing. But it’s a huge plus for us. It means that property prices this side of the lake are incredibly good value. We found a lot that’s walking distance to town, with utilities close by. The views are spectacular…and it’s on the market for only $17,500.

Location #2. This country is home to the best value coastal property on our beat. If you’re on a tight budget, but still want the beach, it fits the bill. This oceanfront condo with gorgeous views is a spacious 1,500 square feet (see photo above).

You’ll like relaxing on the big ocean-view terrace. And you’ll love the price: $60,000.

Location #3. This two-bedroom, two-bath luxury villa overlooks a little town that’s popular with surfers and independent travelers. You’ll spend a lot of time on the balcony, enjoying the ocean view that spans the bay. And when you’re not here, there’s full rental management available. Priced at $129,000, the villa comes fully furnished, down to the linens and cutlery. Just bring your toothbrush!

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Editor’s Note: Margaret Summerfield is a director of Pathfinder, IL’s preferred real estate advertiser.


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