IL’s Weekly Wrap-Up Video: Penthouses in Colombia; Lots in Costa Rica; and Colonial Splendor in Nicaragua

In this video, Dan Prescher reports from Boca Chica, Panama with your weekly wrap-up of International Living postcards for the week ending April 2.


On March 28, IL write in from Colombia to say that, if we had to pick just one city for year-round living there, we’d have to recommend Medellín. Despite the old stereotypes, we say today’s Medellín is modern and cosmopolitan…clean and safe. And it’s also a great buy right now, like high-end condos in good neighborhoods starting at just $80,000, and large luxury penthouses going for under $150,000. Find out more about Medellin in today’s postcard.

Kent Zimmerman shares the benefit of his extensive expat experience—including a lot of time in one of the highest-rated expat havens in the world, Cuenca, Ecuador—with some hard-won advice on eight mistakes to avoid when you move overseas. One mistake to avoid: Don’t assume that your first move will be your last—but you may be surprised by the reason. Find out why, and find out how to avoid the rest of the mistakes on Kent’s list, in his postcard.

Ronan McMahon of Pathfinder Real Estate writes in from Costa Rica’s Talamanca mountains, where you get magnificent views of the Caribbean and the surrounding mountains and valleys. He says the finest real estate project in the region is a diverse site, with virgin rainforest, five rivers, two waterfalls, and gently rolling hills. Not to mention lots that range in size up to almost 2.5 acres, but can be had for just $52,000… Ronan tells you how in his postcard.

Margaret Summerfield (also from Pathfinder Real Estate, IL’s preferred real estate advertiser) writes in from what she calls the jewel in Nicaragua’s crown…the little city of Granada. It’s a beautiful, bewitching place, says Margaret, and if your dream of an overseas property involves an old colonial home, you’ll get more for your money in Granada. For example, a very spacious one-bed, one-bath home with beautiful tile floors, high ceilings, and an internal courtyard garden, just three blocks from the central park—furniture and appliances included—listing at just $170,000.

On April 1 (April Fool’s day), IL’s financial editor Chris Hunter wasn’t fooling when he said that losing money hurts… no fun at all. And if you’re losing it because you’re overexposed to the U.S. dollar, it’s particularly painful…but Chris knows the three best “anti-dollar” currencies to own right now… currencies that can diversify you out of your pain. Find out what they are in Chris’ postcard.

International Living magazine editor, Eoin Bassett, asks what if you could collect your paycheck from the beach? Or from the terrace of a café in Rome? Or both? What if you could spend six months living la dolce vita and the rest of the year working on your tan? Eoin says you don’t have to go to an office in the U.S. or Canada to maintain a respectable and well-paid career. With modern technology you can make a living from anywhere in the world. And in the April issue of International Living magazine, we show you how. Find out what else is waiting for you in the April issue of International Living magazine.

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