Welcome to a Bigger, Better World

“More places… more often… with more insiders as our guides.”

This year, we’ve made a commitment to expand our reach…to cover the world more comprehensively…to open up for you new possibilities.

People always talk about how the world is getting smaller. But as an IL reader, yours is about to expand.

In an era when so many news organizations are calling their foreign correspondents home (further insulating an already myopic American public), we’re doing just the opposite. We’re adding to our network of contributors around the world.

In fact, I just spent several weeks rambling through Southeast Asia meeting with expats, officials, investors, journalists, and business owners. I could not turn a corner without tripping over a story idea. I found a richness not only of color and culture, sound and taste… but of opportunity as well.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to retire comfortably… or a place you could make your international lifestyle profitable (or at least self-sustaining)… I’m pleased to report: there are many.

So many, in fact, that starting in the April issue of International Living magazine, we’ve expanded the magazine to accommodate all the opportunities we want to bring your way. Like the best places to access top-notch healthcare in good-value havens abroad.

We’re able to stretch into a new offshore and finance section, where we’ll help you keep tabs on ways you can grow and protect your portfolio with tax advantages, currency plays, investment opportunities, and more.

With new horizons in mind, we bring you an in-depth look at Costa Rica’s little-known Caribbean coast… coverage of a cool-weather, highland “hill station” in Malaysia that still conjures up that romantic era of high teas and gin-and-tonics… and a secret Indonesian island where in-the-know surfers arrive by the VW Beetle-load.

Welcome to your bigger (and better) world. We’ll keep bringing you farther afield in our search for the best retirement destinations every month in International Living magazine. And if you’d like to connect to that world through the magazine free—for life—here’s a way:

When you join the Lifetime Society, you’ll never have to pay for the magazine ever again. And that’s just one of the benefits to becoming a member. Discover what’s in store when you join the Lifetime Society now…


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