We’re Getting Complaints About Ecuador…

Another conference, another 400+ people who know more about Ecuador and living overseas than they’d ever imagined.

And again, after this latest Fast-Track Ecuador Conference, more than a few attendees have come up to me with dazed looks in their eyes to say that they’re simply overwhelmed by the amount of information and networking they’ve just been exposed to.

I’m not surprised. I’ve been helping present IL‘s Fast-Track events around the world for a few years now, and I know that part of the mission of these conferences is precisely to overwhelm attendees with actionable information. Attendees should get what they pay for, after all, and what our attendees come for is current information on the best places to work or retire in Ecuador, the best ways to do it, and the best people to help them accomplish their goals.

And since so many of these folks have traveled so far to attend these conferences, we’ve always tried to err on the side of presenting too much current information, advice, and contacts rather than too little.

None of our attendees complain too much about being inundated this way. They know it will all make sense sooner or later. The mind is a wonderful thing…it has the ability to soak up lots more than we’re conscious of, and in a way, these conferences go on for weeks or months.

Long after attendees have left the hotel here in Quito and returned home, information presented here will keep bubbling up from their subconscious…information they may not even remember hearing but which will mean something important to them and their personal circumstances.

But it all does seem pretty dizzying at the time, which is why I also emphasize to attendees that they’ll get all the audio and visual presentations about a month after the conference. Their subconscious will still be there for them, of course…but so will the recordings of all the presentations of all the experts and expats we introduce them to during the conference itself.

Which means that every bit of the current info, tips, tricks, and contacts they were introduced to at the conference will soon be at their fingertips to review as often as they want, whenever and wherever they want. (You can pick up the same package here.)

This goes a long way toward helping our attendees shake off the daze of information overload we tend to subject them to. And, as they themselves tell me…better too much information than not enough. And the fact that all that info will be available to them again in a format they can preserve and keep referring to as they need it is just icing on the cake.

So I’m actually happy as we close out the conference to have people come up to me with their heads spinning, complaining about being overwhelmed.

It means we’ve done our job.

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