“What a Great Investment! Nothing Like a BORING Mutual Fund…”

Perched above the fine white-sand beach and turquoise water, Tulum’s ancient Mayan ruins have the best seat in the house. The Mayans typically built their temples inland. In places that are sheltered from the storms that sometimes brush by. This is Mexico’s only Mayan ruin that sits on the coast. The view is that good. How could you blame them for building here?

I visit Tulum every few months. Each time I gaze open-jawed at these beaches. Palm trees rustle in the gentle winds. I’ve brought small groups of “insiders” here, too. We’ve stayed at the Sian Ka’an condos, where some of the group bought units. They’ve done well. Prices are up by 25% or so. Finishes and build quality is top class.

Every buyer I meet hasn’t been shy about telling me what they think. Like Rebeca:

“We just bought a Sian Ka’an Condo….and are having a great time in the process!  The whole experience has been really wonderful… From how we have been treated since our arrival in Mexico to our last evening at Sian Ka’an – we feel totally safe. What a great investment! You can have fun with it…. It’s nothing like a boring mutual fund….

“When we first saw Sian Ka’an it was just a jungle and now we are staying here, at the property – this is now our third time down to the development – it’s beautiful and it just keeps getting better all the time!”

– Rebeca Shaughnessy

Sian Ka’an is now sold out. But units are available at the Tao project that is being developed by the same developer (Benjamin Beja). Benjamin’s team will invite attendees at the International Real Estate Investment Forum to spend a weekend at this project. (I’m already at the hotel in Toronto where the Forum will take place in two days.)

Best of all, Benjamin’s even picking up some of the tab for attendees who visit Tulum.

The idea is that you get to take your new life at Tao for a test drive. Consider it an integral part of your due diligence. Who could have thought that due diligence could be so much fun?

“I recently came down to visit Tao to get acquainted with the project and found that it fit the bill…everything about the property was A+…. a 5-star opportunity and I can’t wait to start living part of my life in Mexico…

“Quite honestly, I couldn’t recommend them higher and I wish I had more money, because I’d buy more – thank you.”

– Bobby Duncan

“My husband and I are not sure if we will retire out of the US, but want to investigate opportunities and thought that this weekend in Tulum would be a good place to start. We have recently returned from our first and to say we had a great time would be an understatement.

“The entire weekend, from the moment we landed in Cancun until we had to leave was nothing short of awesome. To sum up the trip, neither my husband nor I were ready to leave and can’t wait to return.


“Based on our experience, we would not hesitate to highly recommend this weekend to anyone even if they are only vaguely interested in living internationally.”

Samuel and Beth Brady

At the International Real Estate Investment Forum taking place in Toronto, I’ll be making a presentation on this opportunity near Tulum. You can get access to my presentation…and get your invite to join a group of like-minded adventurers on a trip to Tulum…here.


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