What I Found on This Beach in the Dominican Republic

Brilliant bright white sand reflects the warm early afternoon sunshine. Fresh breezes mean it’s pleasant to eat outside. On a peninsula like this you can rely on these breezes almost year round.

The water is flat, clear and turquoise. The sand a rich tan. Surf breaks on the reef offshore, but it’s silent.

Mojitos is the name of the Cuban beach restaurant and bar, from where I took the photo above.

The Cuban American owners are dishing out plates of exquisite Cuban tapas. I’m told they serve the best mojitos in town…and this is the place to come for a happy hour sunset cocktail. That’s for later. Now, the food is excellent. French, Italians and the town’s chefs eat here while beautiful people pose on the beach in front.

If you have preconceptions about the Dominican Republic, put them to one side. Particularly about the Samana peninsula and Las Terrenas.

This isn’t manufactured beach or resort. Behind and between the palm trees are chic cafes and restaurants run by French and Italian expats.

Here, 19 miles of beach is interrupted only by a couple of rocky points. It’s all walkable and public. The beaches don’t run in a straight line; they weave their way. It’s difficult not to walk for hours. Always wondering what’s around the next corner. Each twist and turn opens up a more stunning vista.

This time of year the weather is perfect. Mornings start fresh with temperatures in the mid 70s. Perfect for long walks on the beach. Afternoon warms up to the 80s.

A new excellent road means that Las Terrenas is now only an hour and forty five minutes from the capital Santa Domingo. The views over the water are stunning as you approach town on the new road. Flights come from North America to the El Catay airport 25 minutes from town.

Las Terrenas on the Samana peninsula is a little piece of paradise. And a great place to have a beach home.

Condos in town start from the $80,000s. Just on the edge of town and minutes from the beach you could buy a new luxury townhouse of more than 1,700 square feet for $165,000.

Here’s the kicker: A beach home here could double as a nice income earner. The rental market is strong year-round. One home I visited nets the owner $25,000 a year when he isn’t using it. It lists for $285,000.

Members of Real Estate Trend Alert have received my preliminary scouting notes from this trip. You will know how excited I am about the opportunities I am seeing.

Stay tuned. In the coming days, in RETA, I’ll hone in on three specific areas that got my attention. Three areas where I expect yields will be strongest and where our dollars will stretch furthest.