What’s So Great About Panama?

No matter your taste in lifestyle, Panama has something to suit you. You could choose to live in a sleepy mountain town… or by a tropical beach listening to the calls of parrots and toucans.

You could take in a play, see an opera or sample the finest cuisines in a First-World, culture-rich capital city… or tend your own organic farm in a little rural village…

The best part is, wherever you choose to live in Panama, a change of scenery is always on your doorstep, should you want it. Though it’s smaller than South Carolina, Panama packs a surprisingly large variety of landscapes into one tiny country.

You can hop in your car in the mountain town of El Valle de Anton, for example, and be at the beach in 30 minutes. Just two hours’ drive and you’re in Panama City.

Thousands of expats are already experiencing a dream retirement in Panama. And let me tell you, these expats are seriously relaxed and happy as I discovered on a recent trip… They’re living the kind of lifestyle most of us can only dream of—for a fraction of the price.

Several of them told me how they were living on budgets of $1,000 (excluding rent). And it was easy to see how when I dug a little deeper. For example, a week’s worth of fresh, ripe produce cost less than $10… an ice-cold cerveza cost just $1.50 in a nice restaurant… a pound of sushi-grade tuna cost just $4.95.

(Those prices don’t include the pensionado discount, by the way. That’s the discount Panama gives to all qualifying retirees, entitling them to substantial reductions in the cost of everything from the weekly shopping to movie theater tickets, flights, hotel stays and more.)

With so much choice, narrowing down the one that’s right for you could be tough. But now, with a little help from some new friends, your Panama research is about to get easier.

In the Panama Insider, we’ll introduce you to the people who can get you started on a new life in Panama. This new project will connect you to expats on the ground who know the complete ins and outs of life there…as well as the experts who can help you make the move.

Make no mistake: this isn’t a magazine or a newsletter. This is a way to fully interact with the people who can give you the benefit of dozens of years of experience… and help you decide whether Panama is right for you.

Check it out here…

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