“Where are the most beautiful beaches in Asia for an expat to live?”

I would like to retire in Asia and be close to some beautiful beaches with nice communities and I would appreciate your advice. I am still undecided between Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia.

Where are the most beautiful beaches in Asia for an expat to live?

Keith Hockton – Malaysia Correspondent

Keith HocktonHi Peter

Not to sound flippant but there are hundreds of places in Asia with what you are looking for.

This is a big move for you so first of all do your homework, research it well, and decide which country you want to move to first. Then when you have the country narrowed down look at the community websites, they all have them, and start talking to people who actually live there.

Have a look in the International Living Bookstore and purchase the book titled “Living Large For Less on the Exotic Islands of South East Asia”. All the countries that you mention are featured in it and a lot more that you haven’t.

Good luck.


Steven Lepoidevin – Thailand Correspondent

Steven LepoidevinHi Peter,

In Thailand, the three beach areas that are now very popular with expats are Phuket, Hua Hin and Rayong. You certainly can’t beat Phuket for its beautiful beaches but it is becoming a very expensive place to live and very crowded, especially during the high season.

Hua Hin is a little cheaper but still has a good infrastructure for expats, including a variety of restaurants, excellent hospitals, and enough shopping areas to meet your needs. There is a thriving expats community and the cost of renting or buying is still pretty reasonable once you move a short distance away from the water.

The beachside city of Pattaya seems to have fallen out of favor with many expats but nearby Rayong is taking its place as an up and coming, popular retirement area.

If you move up or down the coast a short distance from any of these cities, you will find other smaller beach communities that offer retirement on the beach for much less money. However, they will probably be lacking in infrastructure and English will not be as widely spoken as in the more popular cities.

Good luck in your search!



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