Where to Buy Right Now

For the past couple of days, I’ve been writing to you from a place I never want to leave…

As I look out my window, all I see are blue skies and perfectly manicured green grass. A huge, shady mango tree is heavy with fresh, ripe fruit. (They’ll be on my breakfast plate a few minutes from now.) In the distance are tall coconut palms, fuchsia-colored bougainvillea and a tangle of purple morning glories lining the pathway to the sea. There, snow-white sands are kissed by neon-turquoise waters. My lounge chair and umbrella await…

So let me dash this letter off quickly. If all that’s missing from the scene I have just described is you, then please pay attention to what I have to say…

Last night I had the pleasure of sharing cocktails on this very same beach with the happiest group of International Living readers ever. After 12 years of attending International Living events all over the planet, I can say this: I’ve never seen so many smiles, so many hugs, so many congratulatory handshakes.

That’s because those of us who were “in the room” at the exclusive gathering that has taken place here on “Fantasy Island” the past few days are now well set for the future. Well prepared to live out our dreams of living and owning property in a place just like this one…where the sun always shines and the flowers bloom day in and day out.

As I’ve written these past few days, I’m here in the Dominican Republic (in my book, one of the most beautiful and the most affordable Caribbean islands), and while we have had some time to enjoy the scenery and warm hospitality of the Dominican people, we’ve come to soak up something besides the sunshine.

The past two days have seen us gathered in a posh conference room where we’ve spent more than 18 hours discussing and learning about the best real estate markets on the planet. If it is your dream to own a home or condo overlooking your own private beach, listen up. I can now tell you exactly where to find it and how you can own it. And you may be able to buy it with zero down and 0% financing.

How to Grab Your Piece of Paradise…

 As I said, I have a chaise lounge on the beach and a little drink with an umbrella in it calling my name right now. But I can’t sign off before I tell you how you can get the inside line on all the information and insider deals we’ve learned about this week.

We’ve learned which markets are on their way up and which are headed for disaster. We’ve learned about the parts of the world that we need to be keeping a careful watch on right now. Importantly, we’ve learned exactly how much we should be paying in the most attractive markets.

“This is like the perfect storm,” said one of your fellow International Living members, and a serious real estate investor, here with me. “But the sun is shining and it’s raining money.” (He’s attracted by the possibility of earning 8% or more on a special condo investment that he’s buying for a 7.7% discount in Mexico’s Riviera Maya.)

Two women from Texas here at the meeting agreed with him…although they’re not buying for investment. Instead, they’ve both decided to buy a beachfront retirement home on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador. (They’ll pay less than $150,000 for their homes…appliances and infinity pools included. One also bought a condo for the investment potential. Prices at this meeting started at just $80,000 and that included a furnishings package.)

But don’t expect to find these prices on your own. If you’ve ever searched the Internet for an oceanfront home in the Caribbean or Latin America, for instance, you may think that prices are beyond your reach. But if you know where to look and you have a direct line to the on-the-ground insiders who have negotiated massive discounts on your behalf, you’d be surprised at the values you’ll find.

If you’re interested in buying a home or condo—whether for investment or to use as your special retirement or vacation home—and you’re interested in an exotic location like Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, the Dominican Republic…or somewhere in Europe or Asia…you need to hear what we’ve heard over the last days.

Not only have we spent the last couple of days behind closed doors discussing options and strategies, but an exclusive team of real estate experts from around world were invited specifically to share their analysis and perspectives…

And they each brought handpicked deals that you will not find anywhere else. Not on the Internet. Not with a phone call. Not even with a personal visit. That was one of the prerequisites of attending this meeting. They had to bring the best, lowest-priced deal available…something only offered for a short time to those in the room with us here at the Casa de Campo Resort in the Dominican Republic.

And now these deals are being made available to you, too.

Your Special Invitation to This Private Meeting…

Don’t worry that you missed out. Here’s how you, too, can benefit from the information and opportunities presented at this special closed-door meeting…

We’ve recorded every presentation and every workshop over the last two days and we’re making them available to those of you who couldn’t be with us.

Once you watch these video recordings, you’ll realize what those of us in the room today have realized—that all the impediments have been lifted. The deals are out there. It’s never been easier or more affordable to own your dream home in a sunnier, more welcoming climate.

I’m talking no money down, interest-free financing, and low prices in some of the world’s most desirable locations.

In addition to the tempting offers I’ve already mentioned, in the Caribbean Riviera Maya and long Ecuador’s most beautiful stretch of Pacific Coast, we’re also privy to deals like these:

  • A $103,000 lot in Cost Rica overlooking the Caribbean—for just $52,000
  • A 15% discount on the launch price of a beachfront condo on one of the finest beaches in Brazil.
  • Plus a down payment of as little as $725 and payments of less than $1,000 a month during the build period…
  • A lot and home on the southern coast of Costa Rica for just $150,000
  • And much, much more…

We learned how to get the best deal on a lot in Nicaragua’s premier community of Rancho Santana…how to save $100,000 on a beach condo in the Dominican Republic…how to buy in Belize with no money down and zero percent financing…and more…

Plus, there were attorneys on hand from Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and tax specialists, too, to help us understand the ins and outs of doing business in those countries and how to structure our property purchases to our best advantage.

So here’s how you get the inside line….

Your Own Home in the Sun

 Reserve Your Own Home in the Sun Kit today—the complete package of video recordings from this exclusive meeting—and you’ll take a “front row” seat. You will see and hear the analysis, the secrets, and all the deals revealed here at our special annual gathering. (We will not meet again until next year, and these deals will not be presented anywhere else.)

This is your only chance to take advantage of all the deals and act on these opportunities just as those in the room these past days have done.

Order now and you’ll save a whopping $170 off the price we’ll eventually charge for this kit. Instead of paying $299, it’ll only cost you $129.

We’ll offer this low price until we have these fresh-from-the-editing-suite video recordings ready to deliver to you. At that point… we must charge the full price of $299.

I’ll send the information about how to access Your Own Home in the Sun Kit as soon as we’re finished making copies of the video recordings, the handouts, the PowerPoint presentations, etc.

There’s no other way you can find this private meeting information on your own, let alone at this low price. Even so, we’re offering you a money-back guarantee:

This is a risk-free offer: If you don’t find the information in this kit to be of value, you pay nothing.

As I said, dozens of experts have come from around the globe to cover every possible aspect of investing in a second home around the world. After you’ve heard their closed-door briefings, there’ll be nothing to stop you from acting on the information they share.

Because if you like the idea of a retreat you could enjoy a few weeks or months a year… a retreat with all the earmarks of a “Retirement Retreat” but which could, while you enjoy it, be producing income and increasing in value—then you’re going to want to hear what went on at this private meeting.

You’ll have plenty of time to review the information…the video recordings and Powerpoint presentations, the hand outs and speaker bios…and if you don’t agree that you received valuable and actionable information, we’ll return every penny you paid.

This is truly a risk-free opportunity for you.

We think you could do very well… If you act on even one of the closed-door opportunities you learn about when you review Your Own Home in the Sun Kit materials, the savings could be worth many times more than the price of the video recordings package.

We’re so sure you’ll be pleased with the Your Own Home in the Sun Kit that if you aren’t—for any reason….

Call us at any time in the next 30 days—and tell us the information didn’t help you. (Or don’t tell us anything. Just ask for your money back.) We’ll give you back your $129.

A home overseas can give you a real asset to hold in a market well-positioned for gains. Plus income that could well defray your cost of ownership and, at the same time, give you an escape in the sun you can enjoy.

Don’t wait and miss out on the savings. Order the Your Own Home in the Sun Kit now .

Editor’s note:  Remember, you get $170 off the regular price of Your Own Home in the Sun Kitthat includes all the handouts, video and Powerpoint presentations (containing information on the current real estate deals) from this closed-door meeting.

But this special offer is only available until we’re ready to deliver the video recordings—after that the price goes up.

Don’t wait. Because if you do, you’ll pay more. Reserve Your Own Home in the Sun Kit now 




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