The White-Sand Beach of Paamul, on Mexico’s Riviera Maya

In the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya is the small community of Paamul. It’s a beach resort, residential area, and RV park that is little-known but quite appealing. It’s a white-sand beach gracefully arcing around a small bay. The clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean fill the view, with the vivid blue sky above the horizon.

It’s quiet and calm…worlds away from the all-inclusive resorts of Cancún to the north, although you’ll be glad to know the services and conveniences of that major city, as well as the international airport, are just over an hour away.

And hustle-and-bustle restaurant, nightlife, and shopping scene in Playa del Carmen is about 25 minutes north, making it close enough for trips to the large grocery stores there, hospitals, and big box stores, as well as special dinners out. Access is by Highway 307, which links all the towns and communities on the Riviera Maya quickly and efficiently.

For the vacationers who make it to Paamul, as well as the expat retirees who live here—including many part-timers (snowbirds escaping the winter cold up north)—they find it an ideal spot.

They enjoy the white-sand beach, panoramic sea views, and resort amenities, including restaurants, pools, snorkeling, scuba, kayaking, and more. And with warm weather year-round, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, a meal, or a glass of wine outdoors whenever you’d like.

The living is easy here. You can get around the community by bike, golf cart, or on foot. There’s no rush. It’s the perfect laidback beach lifestyle.

Homes here are simple—but you can’t beat the location. There’s a limited inventory, but they do come up for sale or rent on occasion. Recent listings show multiple two-bedroom homes a stone’s throw from the water for under $150,000.

And, of course, being in Mexico means you enjoy low costs. A retired couple can live well, all in, for $2,000 a month…or less.

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