Why I Can’t Be a Regular Tourist Again after Blogging

I couldn’t possibly be a regular tourist again after living the travel blogger life. I’m spoiled rotten. I’ve gotten used to all the complimentary hotel stays…free meals…and gratis attraction admissions…and behind-the-curtain access.

On a recent weekend getaway, my husband and I watched a cow give birth at a dairy farm. Later, we howled with wolves at a wolf sanctuary. On another weekend getaway, we stayed at a popular local resort—in a penthouse suite. The resort’s golf pro gave me a lesson, and my husband and I enjoyed front-row seats at a comedy club performance…and we didn’t have to spend a dime.

You see, hosting a blogger is considered inexpensive advertising for destinations and businesses. So, most of them are more than happy to provide accommodations and complimentary admission to attractions to bloggers with a good reputation.

Of course, those are all activities open to the general public…if you’re willing to pay the price. But travel blogging opens doors to exclusive experiences you won’t find on any menu or itinerary. For instance, during a stay at a luxury B&B, the executive chef served a gourmet six-course meal in the private dining room for a handful of VIP guests—including me.

Of course, travel blogging isn’t all about gourmet meals and relaxing in luxury. It also comes with its fair share of adventure. Not so long ago, I was bouncing through Badlands terrain in the back of a pickup truck, right alongside cowboys riding on horseback as they rounded up bison. I was just yards away from the thundering bison. Had I not been a travel blogger, I would have had to stand a half-mile away and watch the action through binoculars.

Blogging is one of the more flexible online incomes. Not only can I write about any place I wish, I can write from anywhere, provided there is an internet connection. Most of my adventures have been in U.S. but that’s what makes blogging a great income to fund your life overseas. You can start your blog at home and take it overseas when it’s up and running.

Last year, when my husband and I wanted to get away from the harsh Chicago winter, we spent several weeks out west. I worked in the early morning and evening, and spent the rest of the day exploring. Because I had contacted the destination ahead of time, we enjoyed our free perks there, too. We zip lined, spent a couple of nights in a ski resort, took a day trip to a national park that’s accessible only by boat, and more—all complimentary.

My big tips for aspiring travel bloggers are: Be courteous to your hosts. Send thank you notes after your visit. And most importantly, don’t neglect to write about the destinations you visit. You’ll quickly build your reputation and will often be invited back to destinations time and again. Soon you’ll be spoiled by the travel blogger’s life, too.

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