Why Design Could Be the Secret to a Successful Vacation Rental

Having the right light fixtures, rugs, and gorgeous works of art hanging on the wall will all make a difference to potential renters when you get to decorating your home. Paint and floor coverings that infuse the home with warmth and style, furniture that will stand the test of time, curtains, pillows, and decorations that let you know that you’re a valued guest in their home.

Just last week, I spent time in Mexico helping to decorate homes for clients.

Check out this video to see if you find inspiration.

Design doesn’t have to be expensive to be interesting to the eye. But the colors and styles you use are important. They will cause people to pause and choose your condo over the myriad of other choices. I’ve lugged bulging suitcases full of eye-catching but inexpensive treats from IKEA and Target, and compliment these bargains with local art. In fact, I always bargain shop when dressing a vacation rental.

Your home’s decor is an area that can have a huge impact on your vacation rental. With just a little more time, effort, thought and money, your home can go from being a place to stay to a destination in itself. Using a designer’s eye and a coupon clippers budget, you can make your home stand out.

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