Why I Had to Wait Until Now to Write This Overseas Resource…

Sometimes things happen when they’re supposed to happen…and that includes books.

My wife, Suzan, and I recently finished writing a book about how to move abroad and live a great life on $2,100 a month or less, so I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about why now is such a good time to move overseas.

In fact, I don’t think this book could have been written any time but now, and there are three reasons I can think of for that.

First, the idea of living a happier, healthier life overseas on much less money than possible back home has, in the past few years, become an increasingly familiar concept to more and more people.

Used to be, you’d tell someone that you planned to leave the rat race behind and live on a beach or mountaintop or in an exotic city somewhere, and they’d think you were crazy or running from something.

Today, they’ll tell you about a story they just read in The New York Times or Forbes or the Wall Street Journal about someone who just did the same thing.

So nowadays, people realize that the idea of moving to where the weather suits your clothes and the cost of living suits your finances isn’t just a pipe dream. People are doing it. Lots of people. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re thinking about it.

And right now you and all those other folks might benefit from a guide that shows you how to move abroad successfully. So we think there is an audience.

Second, Suzan and I have been living and working abroad ourselves for more than 12 years now. We’ve made the mistakes and enjoyed the triumphs and talked to thousands of other like-minded folks along the way.

So we think we probably have enough experience on the topic to share at this point.

And third, writing about the challenges, pitfalls, and rewards of living abroad is what we’ve been doing for the past dozen years anyway. Putting it all into a step-by-step guide to living and working abroad was the next logical step. Kind of unavoidable, really.

So it felt like the timing was right.

And now that I think about it, it seems the act of writing this book was much the same as moving abroad. Timing is important. I don’t think anyone just wakes up one morning and says to themselves, “I think I’ll move to Uruguay today.” It’s a process…sometimes a long one. It’s a train of circumstances and events and discoveries and experiences that, at some point, come together to make you realize that the world is still a big place and there are hundreds of safe, interesting, and affordable spots in it to live a high-quality life.

And you could be living in one of them.

The world is a big, big place. All the possibilities can be overwhelming, and a little guidance and perspective comes in handy…a way to tune in to the possibilities that speak to you and find the ones that fit your personal situation and needs the best…a step-by-step guide to finding out if living abroad is even right for you in the first place…and if it is, how to do it with the best chance of succeeding.

That’s what Suzan and I hope we provide in this book, and we believe the timing is probably right…but in a way the timing was out of our hands to begin with.

Because after all, books—like a lot of other things in life—happen when they’re supposed to happen.

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