Why I Love To Write About Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires in Argentina gets under your skin…whether you like it or not. I had planned to stay for two weeks – I changed my plane ticket twice and finally left, reluctantly, a year-and-a-half later.

It may have been the tango that hooked me; the dark underground dance floors with bodies deftly moving around each other. Older gentlemen in a traditional, close embrace, and young Porteños pushing the style to a new level with spins, kicks and slides.

It could have been the history—around every corner, in every gracefully aged building and along the cobblestone streets the city’s past rises to meet you. San Telmo and La Boca are where the immigrant Italians built their tenements, painted in surprisingly bright colors with paint stolen from the shipyards where they worked.

Then there’s the cemetery at Recoleta, where poets lie alongside dictators in a labyrinth of a graveyard and the elegant thoroughfare of Avenida de Mayo running through the center of Buenos Aires—it’s reminiscent of the boulevards of Paris or Barcelona for its collection of Art Nouveau and Neo-Classical buildings.

A day trip just outside the city is like escaping into another world—one where gauchos tend cattle and stunning polo horses graze.

I love to write about Buenos Aires. It’s a way of sharing the magic of this place, and it’s comforting to know that my writing had the potential to both encourage others to visit, and to give armchair travelers something to dream about. Plus, my fee goes a long way in pesos.

When you’re a travel writer, the chance to experience some of the world’s treasures is unparalleled. If you arrive with your heart and eyes open, you will write about your chosen destination in a way that editors find hard to turn down.

I feel incredibly lucky not only to have spent time in magical cities like Buenos Aires, but to be paid to share those experiences with readers all over the world. There’s nothing I would rather do.

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