Why This is the World’s Best Retirement Haven

No matter where you choose to live in the country that takes top honors in IL’s 2012 Annual Global Retirement Index, there is no better retirement haven in the world.

Across all eight of our crucial categories it scores strongly. It outright wins two. And nowhere does it fail to live up to its reputation. This country has the cheapest costs of living, the best-value real estate, and it presents you with some of the most diverse options of any country.

Live in the colonial splendor of its cities for less than $1,000 a month…buy a beachfront condo for $60,000, with a view of the ocean…explore the country’s lush jungles…live comfortably in thriving expat communities…or with friendly, welcoming locals.

The special benefits you can avail yourself of as a retiree are second only to those offered by Panama, and they don’t trail by much. You’ll find world-class healthcare at a fraction of the costs back home, along with doctors trained in the U.S. who speak English.

You’ll have dinner out for $2.50, an hour-long massage for $25…a beer costs $0.85, and if you want to keep busy with work, it’s one of the best countries for an expat start-up.

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