“Why We Moved to Belize”

“You only have to look out our windows at the panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea to see why we moved to Belize,” says Chris Harris.

Ever since settling in the Toledo district of the country in 2005, Chris and his wife Sue have been surrounded by a tropical wonderland of flowers, trees and animals. Life is simpler in Belize. Unobtrusive government, healthy food, a friendly, laid-back population, and a cheap standard of living make life easier all-around, says Chris.

“A traffic jam here is just three cars in a line. And we have the sea in front of us and forest behind. We found a stunning climate and world-class fishing. Belize was laid-back, easy, and come-and-go-as-you-please. This country is one of the few unspoiled places in the world,” he says.

Life-long sport anglers, Chris and Sue first visited in 1999 on a fishing vacation. Even though they hadn’t been looking for real estate they bought some beachfront land. Building on a remote beach only accessible by sea was tough. But their efforts paid off and they had a 2,300-square-foot main house for themselves, a staff house, and two guest cabanas.

Since moving to Belize, their eating habits are better, partly because they have time to thoughtfully consider what they put into their bodies.

“We eat fish and lobster and conch. I catch snappers off our dock whenever we need them. We grow herbs, tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, papayas, coconuts, and bananas. And we have chickens and ducks for meat and eggs and to supplement the local market. Our oranges are wonderful, so we have no shortage of fresh OJ,” says Chris.

“We are in a secluded place, but not isolated,” Chris explains. “We suspect we have shown some that living off the grid is in fact, pretty easy, and that our lifestyle encompasses most of the good things in life.”

Their next project is a 15-acre farm in the country’s interior, where they intend to build a sustainable home for themselves.

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