Win the “Best Job in the World” and Get Paid to Travel

When it comes to dream jobs, ours are hard to beat. We get paid to travel and write about the best-value locations on the planet to retire…and this month International Living is giving you a chance to win that dream job. Get all the details here.

So far, we’ve lived in and reported from seven different communities in four different countries, and visited dozens more.

Why would anyone pay us to do that? A couple of reasons.

First, it’s hard to tell if a place has what it takes to be a top-value retirement community without actually going there and seeing it for yourself. But there are so many safe, beautiful, temperate, low-cost retirement destinations in the world that few people have the time or money to visit and try them all firsthand.

The next best thing is to have qualified, like-minded people go to these exquisite destinations on your behalf and write about what they find there…the people, the countryside, the weather, the diversions, the healthcare choices, the cost of living, the other expats in the community.

That’s what we do. What makes us qualified to do it?

We’re near retirement age ourselves. We both enjoy writing. And we have a deep personal interest in travel, adventure, and overseas lifestyles.

So our interests match the job description. But how did we get involved in this amazing and rewarding line of work to begin with?

Somebody gave us a chance to do it. We were actually offered jobs by International Living. All we had to do was move abroad.

Now, don’t get us wrong…when we say “all we had to do was move abroad,” we’re being a bit facetious. It was a huge step for us to take. We had a good business in the U.S., a wonderful home, and settled lives. We had to make arrangements to leave all that behind.

We don’t regret our decision—or a single moment of the incredible adventures we’ve had since then. But instead of jumping in with both feet way back then, it might have been nice if we could have tried it out first…made the move for a month or two, on someone else’s dime, to an exotic location or two just to see if we had what it took to live there and write about it.

As it turns out, someone is going to get to do exactly that. International Living is having a contest, and the winner will get a free plane ticket and $5,000 cash to go to some beautiful overseas retirement destination and write stories about what they find there.

That’s a sweet deal, and we’d like to think we’d have won a contest like this if it had been held 15 years ago before we moved abroad. But there’s no way for us to tell…no such contest existed then. We just had to have faith that we were doing the right thing and that we actually had the skills to pull it off.

The winner of this contest won’t have to do that. Whoever wins this contest will get paid to try out the life of an overseas correspondent for International Living without having to sell the farm back home. If it doesn’t work out, no harm and no foul…they can come back home and pick up their life right where they left off.

Or they may end up like us. We’ve been out here roaming the world for a decade and a half now…new places, new faces, new challenges and delights and novelties at every turn…we’re making a living explaining how we do it and how others might do it, too.

So if you win this contest, you should clearly understand that it could change your life, and change it pretty completely. Because if you have what it takes to live out in the wide world and write informative and entertaining stories about it, it could be hard to stop once you start. It gets in your blood. Then what will you do…just keep plodding around the world exploring one unique and beautiful spot after another as a travel and lifestyle writer?

Heaven forbid.

To find out more on how to enter this competition, see here. But hurry, you only have until October 19 to get your entry in.


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