With Income Like This, You Can Travel Forever

On a beautiful morning, I was up early to watch the pale light filter through the trees as the sun rose. The forest came to life as I sat on my balcony. I sipped a cup of rich, locally grown coffee and watched the tropical birds flit through the branches in the early morning sunlight.

I refreshed my coffee and settled back to enjoy the sounds of wildlife around me, while my husband slept in our room. As the sun got higher and began to warm the balcony where I sat, I picked up my computer and started writing.

It was paradise. It was also my office. How cool is that?

This is how I worked during a recent trip with my husband, staying in the jungle in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Just because I was on vacation didn’t mean I couldn’t get a little work done during the quiet early morning hours.

How am I able to work from such an idyllic location? It’s because I’m a freelance copywriter. I write web pages for B2B companies.

What I earn from copywriting not only pays for trips, but also provides a good income. During my first year of copywriting, I replaced my former corporate salary…and worked fewer hours.

All I need for my job is an Internet connection and my trusty laptop computer. With those tools, I can do research, write articles, email clients, and talk to them via Skype. My mobile office allows me to do anything I need.

If I don’t tell my clients where I am, they’ll never know when I’m not at my desk at home. Not that they care whether I’m in Milwaukee, Miami, or Mexico, as long as I meet my deadlines.

Now that I’m a copywriter, I can work anywhere in the world I want. It doesn’t matter where I want to travel. With technology, it’s the same as sitting at home at my desk…only at home, I don’t get to watch the jungle wake up outside my window.

I’m also my own boss. That means I don’t have to save up vacation time and get permission from my boss to go away. I work for myself, so I have the freedom to set my own schedule. That may mean working early in the morning or late in the evening, or even taking a few weeks off when I want.

I don’t worry about clearing my schedule before going on vacation. In fact, I don’t mind working on vacation at all anymore. I enjoy what I do, and I can write articles on an airplane or waiting for a shuttle. Why read a trashy novel when I can earn some good money instead? It’s a great feeling, knowing that what I’m working on will help pay for my vacation.

What’s really wonderful about freelance copywriting is that anyone can do it. I didn’t have to study for years to learn how. I just took a simple training course to help me learn to write like I speak. Once you learn to do that, the rest is easy.

I make a great living, and I love being able to pay for fabulous vacations overseas for me and my husband. Becoming a freelance copywriter has opened up a whole new world for me.

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