You Can Still Buy on the Pacific Coast for $35,000…

I’m standing in among lush foliage, where brightly colored butterflies are flitting by. From my high position, I can see the Pacific Ocean stretching out in front of me.

It’s easy to see why property is increasingly in demand here. It’s beautifully calm and serene on this Pacific jewel.

A lot in a new project just a few miles up the coast—funded by the region’s richest man—will set you back $500,000.

Lots in this area, though more affordable, can still sell for $175,000… and beachfront can be more that double that. But because of a special situation, the lot I’m standing in could be yours for $45,000.

It’s located in my favorite community. Though it’s high-end, I still think of it as “frontier luxury.” That has to do with it being in a nation that has yet to really be discovered by outsiders, making it one of the world’s last great frontiers. Just a two-and-a-quarter hour flight from Miami, it’s relatively off the radar.

The lot is in five-star surroundings, with a community, amenities and services all close by… but without the sterile identikit lobby, dining room and uniformed bellboys.

And you have space to spread out. With only 370 lots spaced out over 2,700 acres, it’s low density. This lot is 1.37 acres. Views from a lot like this will stay uninterrupted

You can have peace, quiet and isolation in your home. Then the action, if you want it, is down at the clubhouse. The pool area is perched above one of the community’s five beaches.

The new, colonial-style clubhouse opened in 2011. You can shoot pool in an open, airy spot overlooking the ocean… sit at the bar and gaze along the beach or take in sports on the TV… dine inside or out… You won’t have to compromise on views.

The restaurant is top class, with food made from fish caught fresh from the ocean and produce from the onsite organic vegetable garden.

You can tour or hike through the hundreds of acres of nature preserve that are part of the community.

You can swim on white-sand beaches, surf on tan-colored beaches or even take in the beauty of the local pink-sand beach.

Horses trot along those beaches and through nature trails. Their home, the stables, is close to the food market and tennis court.

As I mentioned earlier, because of a special situation (the seller needs cash now), this lot could be yours for $45,000—maybe even less. My advice would be to offer $35,000 with a quick cash closing. At $45,000 it’s still a killer deal.

Even in stunning places like this, real estate can be illiquid. It’s not like calling your broker to sell a stock. It can take time. But you can benefit by being in the right place at the right time, ready to make a fast, low ball offer that will help the seller get out of a bind back home.

This is the type of special situation opportunity I tell members of Real Estate Trend Alert about on a regular basis.

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Editor’s Note: Ronan McMahon is a director of Pathfinder (International Living’s preferred real estate advertiser).


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