Your Best Real Estate Investment: a “Moat”

During recent flooding in the Midwest, an enterprising Arkansas man built a moat around his home and property to protect it from the floodwaters.

It worked. His house, possessions, and family remained safe.

Like that guy in Arkansas, says Ronan McMahon, when it comes to our personal financial well-being, we need to think about safety – especially in today’s stormy economic environment.

Ronan – who borrowed the term from Warren Buffett – applies this concept of “moat economics” to every investment he makes. He told us all about it today at the 2011 International Real Estate Investment Forum in Toronto.

Basically, it all comes down to protecting your investment.

When you’re buying real estate for investment, he says, look for moats – barriers to entry that keep the competition low and boost your potential for profit.

Ronan is the director of Pathfinder Real Estate – an international real estate investment advisor and International Living’s preferred real estate advertising partner. He spends most of his time traveling around the world looking for the best real estate investment deals out there.

One of his strategies is to follow the emerging middle class. That’s why, despite the low prices, he’s not investing in the U.S these days. The U.S. middle class is struggling. And there are other, bigger problems, too – with no solutions in sight.

But there are many other markets – far more attractive markets, both economically and physically – where we should be investing. Markets with moats.

Fortunately, Ronan and his team have done the hard work. He and his top lieutenant Margaret Summerfield spent the morning today sharing their tactics and targets – the best deals out there.

Margaret explained how to assess a real estate deal with big profit potential and she offered up seven ways to invest and make money.

Here’s where I need to explain something…how Pathfinder works

Pathfinder works like this: Ronan and Margaret find projects with huge profit potential at an early stage…when capital is critical and developers are willing to extend massive discounts to investors. The developer knows that Pathfinder can bring in a number of investors . And this gives Pathfinder a big negotiating advantage. The strength of their group buying power allows them to negotiate price reductions and terms that just aren’t available to the general public.

But Pathfinder won’t work with just any real estate developer. They only pick the crème de la crème. Those with a solid track record and who are on a solid path to profit. Projects with economic moats… in markets or situations where it is difficult for competitors to gain entry…and sales and margins are protected.

As Margaret explained, “We have great leverage – we don’t work with every project out there, maybe only 10 out of 100 – in some projects we’ve sold 80% of their inventory so we have great leverage when it comes to pricing.”

If this idea — of learning about some potentially high-return opportunities…where the research and due diligence has been done for you…and where the most favorable terms have already been negotiated on your behalf – keep reading.

By my count, today at the International Real Estate Investment Forum we learned of a dozen opportunities with big ROI potential…some through capital appreciation, others through rental income, many with both.

I’m Suzan Haskins and I’m your Conference Insider, reporting to you from Toronto.

In a minute, I’ll give you some details about some of the investment deals being offered here at the conference. But first, here’s what you missed today:

  • What to look for when assessing a real estate investment. As mentioned earlier, look for an emerging middle class. And look for projects in the path of progress (I’ll explain this later). And for distressed (but safe) opportunities where you have the upper hand. Where are today’s best opportunities? Those here in Toronto now know…
  • How to reduce your risk. Margaret shared her top 10 due diligence processes – 10 steps you must take before you sign any contracts or give up any money. Follow these or you may very likely have later regrets.
  • Buying for rental income? Ronan explained how to judge a rental property in order to assure that it will provide good rental income yields. Tip: buy low, it’s the best way to increase your yield. (Just as importantly, he explained to us what not to buy. Never ever.)
  • Buy ahead of the path of progress to position yourself for future profit. What does that mean? Ronan laid it all out and told us of two extremely attractive places (think wide white beaches lined by waving palm trees), where prices are as little as 1/6th what they are elsewhere in the country. But once “progress” catches up (and it is, as I write this) prices will rise quickly. Get in now.
  • This afternoon, in eight separate workshops, we learned from U.S. and Canadian tax experts how to structure our international real estate purchases to legally reduce our tax obligations at home. We heard from property investment specialists from countries like Costa Rica, Brazil, Ecuador, Belize, Mexico, and more…

And there’s much more to come tomorrow.

OK, I promised to tell you about some of the best investment deals being offered here. And I will… but first…

Here’s how to listen in to every presentation and catch up with the rest of us here at the 2011 International Real Estate Investment Forum.

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Here are just two of the top investment deals offered today… There were at least a dozen, and more to come tomorrow:

Talk about building an economic moat – there’s one around the entire country of Brazil. If you’ve been here in the audience in Toronto you know what I am talking about. Jobs are plentiful, the manufacturing sector is very strong, every commodity anyone wants is plentiful, and the middle class is growing by leaps and bounds. They’re spending money on things we all buy when we have extra money: cars, homes, vacations…

So invest in the right projects in the right markets in Brazil and you could be sitting pretty indeed. Here is one to consider:

Brazil: In a sweet little beach town with miles of white-sand beaches – just 30 minutes from Brazil’s #1 domestic tourism destination – you can buy a beach lot in a residential community next to a new super-luxurious five-star resort. It’s expected that lot prices will double in the next three years. Listen in to the conference recordings and learn how you can get a big discount (and a low price not available anywhere else) and become an owner here. And the terms Ronan and Margaret have negotiated: No money down and interest-free payments for just two years…

There were other deals in Brazil. I sat through two workshops this afternoon given by Brazilian real estate experts. They both brought four extraordinary deals with top-dollar profit potential. And you’ll learn about all of them…the low-entry prices, the deep discounts, and pain-free payment plans…when you listen in to the conference recordings.

Costa Rica: Closer to home in Costa Rica, Margaret showcased three areas of the country that are overlooked and under-priced. One on the Pacific side, one on the Caribbean side and one in a lush, green tropical mountain lake area (think Lake Tahoe without the people). Lake- and jungle-view lots start at just $19,000 and can be financed over three years, interest-free.

Details of both these deals will be included in the Hot Deals White Paper — and of course, you’ll hear all the details of these deals and more when you listen in to your 2011 International Real Estate Investment Forum Audio Kit.

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