Your Big Chance to Learn Spanish the Easy Way

I grew up on a ranch in Winslow, Arizona, with Spanish all around me. I absorbed it by osmosis and used it on my first South American adventure…to Argentina.

I loved Spanish but it was only when I traveled to Argentina that I discovered I loved teaching. A doctor friend there asked me to help him with his English. We made so much progress that I was soon teaching his friends. And that was the start of my language-teaching career.

Since then, I’ve developed a system that works well for anyone but it’s particularly good for baby boomers.

What’s important here is my system provides you with a tool you can use to be polite and express your needs quickly…which changes the quality of your life in your new home. Your confidence improves and, once you begin to communicate, your Spanish skills and knowledge grow on their own.

In no time at all, you can be chatting with a grocer, giving directions to a taxi driver, and making friends with your local neighbors…whether you’re setting up home on a warm beach in Costa Rica…a mountain village in Ecuador…or an old colonial town in Colombia.

Since 1990 I’ve lived in one of Mexico‘s most popular expat destinations, San Miguel de Allende. I’ve now trained 32 teachers in this method. More than 20,000 students have learned to speak Spanish this way…all of them over 60.

I have seen my system change the lives of thousands of expats in my community.

I often run into a student I haven’t seen in years and ask “How’s your Spanish now?”

“Terrible,” they say with a smile. “But I get along fine.”

I have seen many of my students become fluent Spanish speakers. I have seen many create magical fulfilling lives for themselves. I have seen old folks become young again, just by reinventing themselves through Spanish in this culture.

After all, we are the generation of reinventors. We do not wilt and die. We are the boomers.

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