Your Dollars Go a Long Way in These 3 Places

If you’re looking for an overseas dream home in a place that has great weather, unspoiled beaches and a more relaxed lifestyle…on a tight budget…no problem.

In fact, I can think of several places like that where you can take advantage of affordable medical care, easily hire help around the house, and where property taxes don’t cost the earth.

The following three locations in particular…

Location #1. This country’s coastline of wide sandy beaches, big sand dunes and tiny beach towns wraps around rolling fields, forests and farms. You’ll enjoy fresh-made pasta and delicate pastries in the capital city’s eateries, and get a touch of glamor in her famous seashore resort town. Low-priced quality medical care, excellent infrastructure, and low-cost public transport will cut your monthly bills. And you can own a spacious half-acre lot from $31,900.

Location #2. This location’s a top retirement haven. It’s also home to the best-value beach and ocean-view property on our beat. In this coastal city, you can shop in modern supermarkets or save dollars in the local farmer’s market, where fresh red snapper costs $2.50 a pound, and you’ll pay $1 for a bag of multi-colored peppers. The properties on offer will make your mouth water, too. Like a 70-square-meter condo in a central location close to the boardwalk—with an ocean view. Price: $47,500. Monthly condo fees run around $50, and the annual property tax is $100.

Location #3. It’s a mix of sun-drenched beaches, smoking volcanoes, freshwater lakes and colonial gems. It’s not the most popular destination right now. But if you’re looking for a bargain, look no further. In a little colonial city with genuine charm, you can dine out for $20 a head, and pay around $200 a month for full-time household help. And a renovated colonial home with a central patio comes fully furnished for $115,000.

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