Your Own Home in the Costa Rican Countryside for $63,000

The land of Pura Vida offers a great climate year-round (no snow, ever), friendly locals, a straight-forward residence programs, and an economy dedicated to tourism, which means foreigners are welcomed. The infrastructure for moving to Costa Rica is already set up, and there are well-established expat communities in many places.

Plus, it’s a stable democracy that is committed to peace and human rights (it has no military). Its steadily growing economy, affordable real estate—that is titled and easy to own by foreigners—and relatively low cost of living make Costa Rica an easy choice for moving overseas.

In Costa Rica, it’s easy to find places to live that fit every lifestyle. If you like being close to modern services, want easy access to the country’s main international airport, be near the best hospitals and medical care, or need to be where the best schools are, then the Central Valley is the place for you. Towns like Santa Ana, Escazu, Cuidad Colon, San Ramon, Grecia and Atenas are all popular places with expats. The climate here features “summer-like” temperatures all year long, where you don’t need air-conditioning or heat.

You can buy a two-bedroom home in the countryside by the quaint town of Cuidad Colon—home of the Peace University—with easy access to Santa Ana and Escazu, for only $63,000. In Atenas, a large, luxurious three-bedroom home with spectacular mountain and valley views, a big swimming pool and two guesthouses, in an exclusive gated community is listed at $395,000. You can rent a furnished two-bedroom home with a pool in the same Atenas neighborhood for $1,500 a month. Or a furnished two-bedroom home in a quiet Atenas neighborhood, surrounded by coffee farms, for only $650 a month.

In the countryside and rolling green hills between Atenas and San Ramon, on the way to the Pacific Coast, you can buy a beautiful, two-bedroom home in the private Ecovilla community for $269,000. The environmentally-conscious neighborhood shares a saltwater pool, yoga platform, clubhouse, and fresh fruits and vegetables grown on-site with permaculture farming. Expats often report feeling healthier living Costa Rica thanks to the abundance of inexpensive fresh fruits and vegetables, and the active, outdoor-focused lifestyle.

On the less-developed southern Pacific Coast, where lush rainforest-covered mountains border blue ocean, rich with marine life, you can find great deals like a two-bedroom home with a pool and an ocean view on four acres of land planted with fruit trees, for $220,000.

It’s a buyer’s market at the moment in Costa Rica, so if you are looking to buy a home or land, prices are negotiable. Furthermore, property taxes are calculated at 0.25% of the value the property has in the public registry, a fraction of what most people pay in the U.S.

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