Your Own Jungle Lot on the Mexican Riviera – Just $35,000

In Tulum, Mexico, you’ll find some of the world’s finest white powder beaches… They’re backed by palm trees that rustle in the Caribbean breezes…

It’s a special place to spend time. You can kayak on a white-bottomed lagoon…or stroll along picture-perfect beaches to your yoga class before breakfast. You can visit ancient Maya ruins or swim in a cenote.

It’s a place where you’re surrounded by natural beauty all the time. The world-famous Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve is here. Brightly colored butterflies drift on the breezes. Exotic birds fill the morning air with song. This is nature’s wonderland—but you’ll still find every modern convenience on your doorstep.

It’s easy to get here, too. Just a two-hour flight from the U.S., followed by a 90-minute drive, and you’re in Tulum.

Just outside of town—though still close by to the white sand and sparkling turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea—and you’ll find a one-of-a-kind project. Here, I’ll soon be telling members of my Real Estate Trend Alert group where they can buy a lot from just $35,000.

When you stand on one of these lots, you are but a few minutes’ drive from the fast-growing town of Tulum—a boom town where there is a serious shortage of housing.

The population of Tulum is set to explode further though. Right now an unstoppable “path of progress” is rolling down the coast from Cancun. Thanks to a government program designed to more than treble tourist numbers, new roads and bridges have been built.

Mexico’s fast growing new middle class is also becoming a strong driver here of progress here. More Mexicans are currently leaving the U.S. for Mexico than the other way. That’s because Mexico is fast catching up with Canada as the biggest auto exporter to the U.S.

Reform is in the air—in education and telecommunications. Even their sacred oil monopoly is set for a shake up as it opens up to foreign investment.

Instead of emigrating, as once was the case, the young and ambitious choose to stay and build a career or business here rather than move to the US. Many of these young and ambitious are being attracted to the Tulum area. They all need somewhere to live.

And the government program is working, too—more and more vacationers and people looking for second homes abroad are coming to Tulum. Demand is set to soar from an already high base. Passenger numbers through the international airport, Cancun, were up 10% in 2013. Tourist numbers to the Riviera Maya hit four million, a record for the area. Hotel occupancy in the Riviera Maya also reached a record of 79.4%.

It’s a far cry from when I visited years ago. Back then, the white sand beach at Tulum, save for a few rustic palapas, was virgin territory. Today the jet set hangs out here. Not in private clubs but in beachfront bars and restaurants where you can eat world class food from Thailand to Italy. It still retains its rustic chicness despite being a place where the stars come for a yoga retreat.

It will never become over-developed either. The nearby Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve encompasses 2 million acres of protected lands., which will severely limit further development here. That will make real estate a scare commodity as demand soars.

That’s a lot of folks who will want to buy or rent real estate here. The opportunity to profit here is to buy the real estate they will want to own (when we exit) or rent. Just like the $35,000 lot I mentioned above.

The lots are in a high-end residential gated community in a jungle setting. Folks moving here with senior roles in new hotels and tourism business will want live here. As will gringo expats. Or vacation homers. That’s a very broad market.

You could build a nice little house of 1,200 square feet on one of these lots for $100,000. That’s spacious when you figure you’ll do most of your living outside and a home like this could include an additional 800 square feet of space on a roof terrace.

(If you don’t want to build, no problem. You can just sit on your lot. There’s no obligation to build.)

Because of a lack of long-term rentals here, a home like that would rent long term for $1,000 per month.

Want to get ahead of the surge of demand in Tulum and get in on this opportunity? Then click here now. (That’s the only way to receive my full report on where and how to buy one of these lots.)


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