Your Own Slice of the Caribbean in Belize

Think of the best of the Caribbean—clear, blue skies…long, white, sandy beaches…warm, gentle waters lapping at the shore…a soft breeze swaying the palm trees overhead—and Belize is where you’ll find it.

It’s the sort of place you need to bring your camera to—you only have to point and click in any direction to capture the sort of picture-perfect scenery usually only seen in glossy travel brochures.

In its clear, blue waters, you’ll find the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere and the second longest in the world, an expansive system filled with colorful fish and sea creatures of all shapes and sizes. Whether you long to swim, fish, or sail, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Belize.

Step away from the Caribbean Sea and beautiful beaches and you’ll discover miles upon miles of jungle and forestland—more than 60% of Belize’s land is forest—boasting parrots, toucans, howler monkeys, iguanas, and more. Explore a little more and you’ll discover ancient Maya ruins… waterfalls…caves…and plentiful rivers…

—If you’re looking to slow down in retirement, there’s no better place than Belize. The warm, kind, and friendly people—a blend of Mestizo, Hispanic, Garifuna, and expats of every nationality and ethnicity—are seriously laid-back and accepting of expats. Even better, the official language of the country is English, so you’ll find it easy to fit in and make friends.

—Though other Caribbean destinations have spiraled in price since they were discovered by vacationers and expats, in Belize, you can live for much less than you would in the U.S. or Canada.

Some expats have reported to us that they live well in Belize from as little as $1,000 a month (excluding rent). You could do that, too. Or, spend a bit more and you could live exceptionally well—and open yourself up to some incredible tax benefits, thanks to Belize’s Qualified Retirement Person Program (QRP).

You don’t need to be officially retired to qualify. Once you’re at least 45 years old and have a monthly income of at least $2,000 from a pension or annuity (including Social Security) generated outside of Belize, you can qualify for this program. And when you qualify, you’ll be able to bring all your personal goods to Belize tax-free, and pay no Belizean taxes on any foreign-earned income.

—If you choose to rent in Belize, you could pay from as little as $300 a month up to $850, depending on where you live.

Or, if you’d like to own your own little slice of the Caribbean, in Belize you can—for much less than you’d pay in other Caribbean destinations.

In somewhere like Bermuda, an average-sized condo would cost you at least $653,000; but on Belize’s most popular island (pictured below), you could get a similar condo for just $125,000.

—Once you’ve seen this paradise for yourself, you’ll likely never want to leave…but if you have to tear yourself away, rest assured that you won’t have to travel for long to see friends and family. A flight to Miami, for example, will take you just over two hours.

Belize has so much to offer. 

With details on all the Belize essentials, like where to live and how to find the best value real estate to rent or buy…what your cost of living will be…how to qualify for the Qualified Retirees Program…and more…it’s not to be missed.

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