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International Living’s readers are wealthy, educated, investment-savvy and adventurous individuals.

Mostly mature, affluent professionals in search of a luxury retirement or a more relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle, our readers have disposable income and freedom to travel and relocate overseas.

Our readers always keep an eye on the economy and are on the lookout for the world’s best opportunities. They rely on International Living to bring these opportunities to them… and we keep our promise by offering a wide choice of editorial products and conferences,and granting access to our network of global experts and worldwide resources.

If your company provides products or services that can help our readers live a healthier, wealthier, more relaxed lifestyle, contact us today at to discuss our advertising opportunities.

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Advertising FAQ:

Q. What is your submission deadline for print advertisement?

A. Final creative and payment must be submitted 8-10 weeks prior to publication.

Q. Do you accept property advertisement?

A. Normally, we do. Property advertisement is subject to approval by Pathfinder International, International Living’s preferred real estate marketer.

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