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A finance graduate, Ronan McMahon worked in the e-business consultancy and dot-com industries before joining International Living as Real Estate Marketing Director in January 2004. Ronan has been an active real estate investor since his early twenties and joining International Living gave him the opportunity to marry his personal and professional interests. In 2008 Ronan took up the position of Executive Director with Pathfinder. Pathfinder is International Living’s preferred Real Estate advertising partner. Pathfinder scours the globe to find the most unique and value-oriented real estate opportunities.


Ronan also writes International Living’s Real Estate Trend Alert and regularly contributes to International Living’s print and online publications. International Real Estate investment is his beat. Ronan has travelled to 15 countries in 12 months following trends that could offer profit opportunities. Instinct, experience and an unrivalled black book of contacts give him direct access to the inside track to profit opportunities.


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Earn $20,000 a Year From This Home in Paradise

Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic is a special hidden place where miles of beach weave their way around verdant elevated points. The sands are tan in places, white in other. The turquoise waters break in white explosions offshore where they meet reef. French and Italian pioneers came to this charming little place before the rest of the outside world had found it. They came in search of adventure…the perfect beach…and friendly local neighbors to share it with.

Three Early-In Opportunities in Northeast Brazil

I told you on Wednesday about the exciting opportunity we have in Icarai in Northeast Brazil. I’m bullish about the medium-term prospects for this part of the country. And, thanks to the strong dollar, we have a special buying opportunity. The strong economy in the Fortaleza area is good news for our investments in the […]


Get in Early on Spain’s Pristine Costa de la Luz

Spain’s best beaches are hidden amongst pristine nature preserves, ancient pine forests, and historic cities that span civilizations. They have been discovered only by a small number of surfers, locals, and hippies. Now, thanks to a special distressed situation, you can buy in this undiscovered Spain for as little as one-third of what it used to cost.

Is it Game On for Us in Panama City?

Over the past 15 years, Panama City has been transformed from a sleepy regional outpost—known for little except its canal—to a thriving metropolis, a regional hub, and a powerhouse. It has changed beyond almost all recognition.

One Last Chance in This Brazilian Community

Last week, 500 of Fortaleza’s top-performing brokers gathered for a closed-door meeting to hear about a new master-planned community 90 minutes up the coast. It was a full house. That’s understandable when you consider this is the most ground-breaking project of its kind in close on a decade on this coast.

Flash Alert: Rental Potential with a $42,000 Discount in Mexico

Tao is a best-in-class community with a rental market that is set to grow. Demand far exceeds supply. As I explained yesterday, this stretch of beach shows a chronic shortage of rentals right through the year. If an inexpensive condo, with strong rental potential, is what you are looking for then I have just the thing for two members.

Save Over $30,000 on Luxury Mexican Beachfront

Members of our little group get a 7% discount bringing our price down to $423,150. That buys you a three-bedroom, three-bathroom home with luxurious, high-end finishes and a rooftop terrace. Inside you have 1,615 square feet. Outside space totals 1,023 square feet.

Free Trip on the Riviera Maya

I’d like to invite you to join my colleague Margaret Summerfield and I for a very special day before the conference kicks off. We’ll follow the Path of Progress from Cancun to Tulum, visit the opportunities you have been hearing about in these reports, and even wiggle your toes in the white-sand beaches.

Will the Greek Real Estate “Giveaway” Happen?

The deadlock in Greece drifts on. The current bailout deal expires at the end of June and there is no sign that an agreement on a deal to refinance is close. There are signs and murmurings that insiders are getting ready for a massive default.

Finally—It’s Time to Strike in Southern Portugal

As a member of our little group, you will have watched Europe’s crisis play out. Today, I’m in Portugal for another look. I was excited when I first visited, and now the opportunity is even stronger.

Last Call for a 15% Discount in Luxurious Mexico

The Turquoise building in the Copala community at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula was launched to the local market a few weeks ago. The building is now 57% sold.


This Beach Province Is Set to Explode in Value

Long, unspoiled beaches…a new infrastructure project that will open up access to an undeveloped but seriously attractive region…and the chance to watch a real estate investment grow rapidly in value: just some of the reasons you need to be looking at Uruguay’s Rocha region. Little Uruguay is a small, open economy—and one of the best places to consider buying real estate in the world right now.


Rocha’s Path of Progress: Opening up Uruguay’s Wild Atlantic Coast

Uruguay’s province of Rocha has the country’s best beaches and most charming beach towns. And now the Path of Progress is due to roll down this coast. I expect real estate values will rise as accessibility improves. My contacts in Uruguay have been keeping me up to speed. One particular infrastructure project has my attention right now.

Strong Rental Market with Limited Competition—Visit Now

If you think the Dominican Republic is Cancun-style, high-rise on the beach, and mass market tourism, then you’re not seeing the full picture. Stuck to the northeast corner of the country, the Samana Peninsula juts into flat blue and turquoise waters. It feels like a different world—like an island off the mainland.

This Riviera Maya Deal Ends This Sunday

As I told you on March 14, I expect these condos could gross $35,000 in rental income once up and running. I also told you that it was the last call for amazing rental profits. As of midnight on Sunday, our deal is off the table. You won’t be hearing about Encanto again in these alerts.

Price Increase Alert: Snap Up Your Luxury Condo Now

As a member of our little group you will be familiar with the opportunity to buy high-end Cabo luxury at a price that nowhere near reflects the quality of the community or those who will want to live and rent here. I’ve just received notification that retail prices have risen by $32,400 or more in the Copala community at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.

Opportunity of the Decade—Act Now

I told you late last year about an opportunity on a pristine stretch of Brazilian white sand—the type of opportunity we only get once in a decade. Members of our little group could reserve a lot before the final permits were in place. Now the final permits are in place


A Brazilian Beach Lot for Just $20,000

This is the nicest raw beachfront lot I’ve stepped onto in a long time. Warm breezes clear the scant, broken clouds, opening up a big blue sky. The sea is blue turning turquoise as gentle waves roll in. It’s a picture-perfect vista and setting. The beach stretches as far as the eye can see. Sandy points frame the horizon in both directions. In the distance giant dunes dominate the landscape. This beachfront lot is like a little oasis. Wild-growing palm trees sway. Colorful flowers crawl up walls and sprout from hedgerows.

Visit Now Before Our Spanish Opportunity is Gone

As I told you yesterday, our opportunity is closing along the corridor from Puerto Banus to La Duquesa. The time to act in this locale is now and my contact Geoffrey Donoghue has agreed to host two groups of RETA members on scouting trips in April and May.

A Last Shot at a Great Spanish Opportunity

Greetings from the road. I’m writing to you from what might be the last great opportunity in the San Pedro to La Duquesa corridor on Spain’s Costa del Sol. This market is fast bouncing back.


3 of the Best Beach Towns for High Rental Yields

Mexico’s Riviera Maya runs south of Cancun to Tulúm. The sand is white…and the water, turquoise. In the jungle, you’ll find Maya ruins. Offshore, the world’s second-longest coral reef is home to brightly colored fish. The biosphere at Sian Ka’an is a great place to hike, kayak, and study nature. The coral reef offshore attracts divers and snorkelers. Golf, hiking, spelunking in ancient caves…it’s all here. Tulúm is, and will stay, boutique. The Sian Ka’an biosphere means that much of the land is protected. Development will be low rise and low density—that’s if and where it’s permitted. Yet, amazingly, you’re just a 90-minute drive to the airport and two hours in the air to the U.S.

Beachfront Luxury With a $10,000 Discount

Last week I told you about our opportunity to buy a luxury two-bedroom condo in the beachfront Los Cocos community right on Playa Bonita and close to the Dominican Republic’s most charming beach town, Las Terrenas. Now you have the opportunity to put boots on the ground on our members-only scouting trip this May 15-18.

Free Riviera Maya Scouting Trip—Just 10 Places Available

A couple of weeks ago I invited you to join a small group of members at the southern edge of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. All 16 places for the April trip were snapped up, but the developer has now agreed to accommodate 10 more members on an additional trip this May.


Recovery: Opportunities in Beaten-Down Europe

In the early and mid-2000s, Europe’s real estate markets embarked on a massive tear. People re-financed, often to buy a vacation home or make a speculative investment in Europe’s sunnier locales. Values rose and rose…until everything stopped. The market imploded and real estate owners found themselves deeply under water. By 2009, with a few exceptions, Europe’s real estate markets had halted. Transactions simply stopped. The gulf between sellers’ expectations and what buyers were willing to pay was so great that there was nowhere for them to meet. Now markets are moving again. And in four countries in particular—Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Spain—I see opportunity today. An added plus is the current strength of the U.S. dollar. At time of writing, your U.S. dollar buys you 24% more euros than it did in March 2014. Now, I’m not a currency guy, and I’m certainly not making a call on future euro-dollar exchange rates, but it makes European opportunities all the more attractive right now.

Snap up a 15% Discount on Mexico’s Pacific Coast—5 Units Remaining

Last December I told you about our members-only pre-release opportunity in the luxurious Copala community in jet-set Cabo at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. Our window of opportunity here has been kept open—but only for a brief time period.

Last Call for Amazing Annual Rental Profits

The Encanto master-planned community within Tulum’s Aldea Zama is a strong and exciting opportunity. I’ve told you about this community before—it’s a killer deal—but now the window of opportunity is set to close.

Last Chance on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast—From $45,000

The drive south from Costa Rica’s capital San Jose to the Southern Zone was a bone-crunching nine hours a decade ago. Even more in rainy season. Your vehicle needed to navigate the rivers and streams that cut roads that time of year.

Our Next “Win” in the Riviera Maya—Only 24 Condos

A buyer off the street can’t get the pre-release deals that I bring to you. This is one of the advantages we get from being part of our RETA group—members-only deals. RETA members have bought in the Riviera Maya with members-only pricing and have done well in the past. This is set to happen again with our latest pre-release opportunity.

Everybody Wants to Stay Here—And You Can Own a Rental

The short-term rental market in Mexico’s Riviera Maya is the strongest I know. More vacationers and snowbirds are coming and more folks are moving here to work or set up a business. I expect strong rental demand for suites here at a weekly rate of up to $750…each. And strong occupancy thanks to overflow requirement from the new hotel that will come on top of an already strong rental market.

The New Opportunity to Profit in Spain’s Costa del Sol1

The New Opportunity to Profit in Spain’s Costa del Sol

We don’t want just any opportunity, we want best in class in an attractive location where we can get in at a low price point. Opportunities are washing through Europe again and we need to be ready to act.

How to Buy Brazil’s Booming Beach Towns for $299 per Month1

How to Buy Brazil’s Booming Beach Towns for $299 per Month

The millionaires in beach houses prefer to keep locations like this for themselves. The river Jaguaribe meets the Atlantic at Fortim, 90 minutes east of Fortaleza in Northeast Brazil.

Right along the river is where Fortaleza’s wealthy have their mansions. The beaches are spectacular—brilliant white sand stretches for miles as multi-million dollar homes dot the coastline.

Free Scouting Trip to the Riviera Maya—Just 16 Spaces

I told you yesterday about our last ground floor opportunity at Tao. We can buy a condo of two luxury suites from $112,193 per suite at our members-only pre-launch pricing. I expect all 24 condos (each of two suites) will sell out at launch—that’s if members of our little group haven’t already snapped them up.


“I’ve Never Seen a Better Time to Buy Development Land in Latin America”

For more than 11 years I’ve traveled all over Latin America. From the U.S.-Mexican border all the way to Argentina, I see firsthand the opportunities this vast land has to offer. I’ve never seen a better time to invest in development land in Latin America than right now. The biggest returns in development come to the earliest speculators who take positions. You don’t need deep pockets to invest in development land—if you know how to do it. Nicaragua, for example, is a country of stunning natural beauty and abundant resources. It has a young population and its economy is catching up from a very low base. It has great potential as a retirement and vacation locale for North Americans. In the early 2000s, money and people raced in. Many didn’t have the skills or the experience to develop real estate.

Save 25% on Uruguay’s Stunning Southern Coast

I told you on Tuesday about the Path of Progress rolling its way down Uruguay’s coast—now three RETA members can take 25% off the price of a lot at the La Serena Golf community directly in this path.

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