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Ronan McMahon has been an active real estate investor since his early twenties. A finance graduate, he worked in the e-business consultancy and dot-com industries before joining International Living as real estate Marketing Director in January 2004.

Joining International Living gave Ronan the opportunity to marry his personal and professional interests. In 2007, Ronan took up the position of Executive Director with Pathfinder. (Pathfinder is International Living’s preferred real estate advertiser.) He also founded and writes for Real Estate Trend Alert an international real estate investing publication.

Ronan makes scouting trips all year round following real estate trends and investigating properties with the potential for profit. He spends two weeks out of almost every month on the road and travels to as many as 15 countries per year following trends that could offer profit opportunities.

And Ronan spend lots (and lots) of time sorting the truly worthwhile opportunities from the many that don’t measure up. In fact, he sees about 100 potential deals for every one he actually brings to the attention of members of his Real Estate Trend Alert group.

Knowledge, experience and an unrivaled black book of contacts give Ronan the inside track on unique profit opportunities. His network of contacts is vast, including real estate developers, brokers, agents, land managers, tax experts, title insurance agents, government officials—in short, “insiders” who can give him the real story on a location or upcoming project.

Ronan doesn’t just talk… He’s an active investor himself. He’s there in the trenches making money along with you.

He’s developed a near-flawless approach that accurately pinpoints real estate bull markets while they are still in their early stages…long before most people are even aware of them.

And when he finds the best opportunities, he negotiates “off-market” deals with the developers on behalf of members of Real Estate Trend Alert.

Real Estate Trend Alert members always get the best price available. They always hear about the best deals first. That’s Ronan’s promise. And it’s an important one.


Looking for Opportunity on Panama’s Caribbean

On the road in Panama… And it had ended in a curve of beach at Cuango on Panama’s Caribbean coast. This is just the moment in a Path of Progress event where I like to buy.


Panama: How a Condo by the Beach Could Make You $123,000

It feels likes standing in a virgin wilderness. In front of you are some of Panama’s finest white-sand beaches. Tropical birds call from the trees behind you. The land is undeveloped and quiet. You won’t meet many people here. Occasionally, you’ll see a kite surfer or someone walking an almost-deserted beach.


Where to Buy in the Hong Kong of the Americas

I first came to scout Panama City 11 years ago. Back then, the city was on the cusp of a massive growth spurt. It was primed for big things—set to transform into one of the commercial hubs of the Americas. That growth played out just as I expected. Since then, I’ve watched the city change almost beyond recognition.

Tucan at A-nah Village—Just 24 Condos Remaining

Our latest opportunity on the Riviera Maya—Tucan at A-nah Village—opened on Saturday. And as of Sunday evening, 24 of the 48 condos in Tucan had been locked down.

Time to Visit Our New Riviera Maya Opportunity

The heart of the Riviera Maya, close to those pristine white-sand beaches and swaying palm trees, holds the best pre-release profit opportunity on my beat right now. And now it’s time to visit and see our opportunity first hand. The developer will pick up the tab for your visit this December 3-6 or December 17-20.


A Second Chance to Profit on Beach-Town Condos in Northeast Brazil

I first visited Northeast Brazil in April 2008…specifically the beach town of Cumbuco. I made a bold prediction about this sleepy little spot… I predicted that it was set to embark on a big, upward trajectory. It did, and for folks who got in then, it’s proved profitable. Now a special situation has created another buying moment here, right in the middle of Northeast Brazil’s great growth route.

Here’s Why I’m Putting Boots on The Ground in Colombia

I return to Medellin, Colombia in the coming days. Five years on from my first Medellin recommendation, misperceptions of this former ”murder capital of the world” still apply… But this city has well and truly emerged from the shadows of its past.

See Our Special Members-Only Deals in the Riviera Maya

The Tao community is now a reality. It’s a plug and play rental opportunity: You could buy here today…and start collecting rent checks next week. It’s time to book your flight and get boots on the ground to check out the Tao community.

Last Call for Our Special Insider Gathering

The countdown is on for our Real Estate Trend Alert insider gathering this December 10—13 on Mexico’s Riviera Maya. In late August I invited members to join me in the Tao community for this gathering. The good news is that the team at Tao have been able to secure additional condos for our dates. So, I can open up another 14 spaces. You can lock down your place here.

Visit Now to See the Best Deals in Southern Spain

Contact on the ground, Geoffrey Donoghue, has agreed to host a small group of 13 Real Estate Trend Alert members this November 26-29, where you’ll get to see exactly where we have these strong deals. Book your place here.

Two Remaining—Spain’s Fire-Sale Condos with Strong Rental Potential

I told you about our opportunity in Birdie Club in Alcaidesa in southern Spain in my October special edition that you received last week. As I write, only two condos are still available. These two have a premium aspect and come with a price of €141,000 ($154,600) and €144,000 ($157,900).

Visit Now to See Our New Northeast Brazil Play

Right now we have a special buying moment in Northeast Brazil. I strongly urge you to visit in the company of my contact on the ground Daniel Neves and see this opportunity for yourself. You can lock down your space now for our members-only scouting trip this December 3-6.

It’s Time to Act in Northeast Brazil—Condos for $74,000

Earlier this week I told you about our opportunity to buy a condo in a new luxury community in Northeast Brazil. This stunning Villa Gale master-planned resort is nestled in a corner of charming Cumbuco beachfront. Our opportunity to snap up condos here is now open.


Ireland and Italy: Two Perspectives on Crisis Europe

European real estate is on sale…at least in a few select locales. You know the story by now. In the early and mid-2000s, Europe’s real estate markets embarked on a massive tear. It became a gold rush. A mad frenzy. Values rose and rose…until everything stopped. Credit dried up. The market imploded and real estate owners found themselves deeply underwater.

RETA October2015 Cover299

October 2015: Luxury Condos From Less Than $76,000 in Northeast Brazil

I first visited Northeast Brazil in April 2008…specifically the beach town of Cumbuco. I made a bold prediction about this sleepy little spot… I told members of our little group that it was set to embark on a big upward trajectory. It did, and for folks who got in then it’s proved profitable. Now a special situation has created another buying moment here.

Get $75,000 Off Luxury Condos in Cabo

Greetings from Houston airport. I’m en route from Cabo on the Pacific coast of Mexico to Europe where I’ll be scouting the best fire-sale deals in Spain and Portugal. I can now tell you that I have agreed a special discount of 15% for Real Estate Trend Alert members off the price of any of the condos that are available to the general public right now.

See Our New Luxury Cabo Opportunity Now

I’ve told you over the last two days about our new opportunity at the Aquamarina building in the Copala community in Cabo. Now is the time to book your flights and put boots on the ground in this high-end location.

Our Luxury Cabo Opportunity is Now Open

Yesterday I told you about our latest members-only opportunity—the best luxury opportunity on my beat right now. Our opportunity at Aquamarina is now open. It’s in Cabo, at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula in Northwestern Mexico.

Handpicked Cabo Luxury From Less Than $400,000

For the past 11 months we’ve had a special buying moment in Cabo, at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. I’m back here right now for the third time in less than a year. I saw a line of private jets on the tarmac as I arrived. New high-end projects are breaking ground. […]

Luxury Riviera Maya Condos from $151,600—Just Seven Remaining

Just seven condos out of 48 are still available at the Hummingbird building in A-nah’s The Village community. I’ve been telling Real Estate Trend Alert members about this killer deal over the past few days. I’m delighted that members see the potential in this play.

Luxury Condos on Mexico’s Riviera Maya from $151,600

I have convinced the developer to keep our window to act open until 7 p.m. this Thursday local time. Our pricing holds on any available condo. We have our choice of any condo in the Hummingbird building.


Great Rental Yields in Playa del Carmen, Mexico’s Booming Beach City

There’s a situation right now worth your attention south of the U.S. in Mexico. Mexico is set to become a developed country in the coming decades. You can benefit most from this economic transformation in the beach city of Playa del Carmen. The strategy? Buy best-in-class real estate, particularly the type of real estate that will appeal to the mobile entrepreneurs and young, new, upper middle-class families that are moving there.

Best Stretch of the Riviera Maya for Short-Term Rentals—Visit Now

The heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, close to pristine white-sand beaches and swaying palm trees, holds the best profit opportunity on my beat right now. And now you can see this opportunity for yourself on a members-only scouting trip this October.

A Rare Riviera Maya Opportunity—Get Your Discount Now

We can now act in the Hummingbird building—the first building at A-nah’s The Village community—choose the best units, and buy with manageable monthly payments thanks to our members-only finance terms. And not just that, but the first five members to act can bank an additional $5,000 discount.

Put Boots on the Ground and See Our Latest Portugal Play

I told you yesterday about an opportunity to snap up a luxury condo on Portugal’s Algarve coast. This is a killer deal…And now you can visit Portugal and see this opportunity for yourself this October 15-18.

Luxury Condos in Portugal for $191,100—Just Six Remaining

While researching my upcoming scouting trip to this part of Portugal’s coast, an opportunity crossed my desk. It’s a community I know. And I expect it will be sold out by the time I get down there—that’s why I’m telling you about this now.


Real Estate Transaction Costs

We have compiled this report which lists the real estate transaction fees in our favorite countries in Central and South America. We asked attorneys in each of the countries to pull together a fact sheet which details all the transaction costs you need to know about. Maintenance tax in Brazil…annual property tax in Ecuador…capital gains tax in Panama…we’ve got it all covered in this collection of fact sheets.
Our attorneys have also included their contact details should you have any more questions related to the buying, or selling, process in their country of expertise.

It’s Time to Act in Panama—Get in For Less Than $550 A Month

Two weeks ago I told you about the first Panama opportunity that has my attention since I founded Real Estate Trend Alert more than seven years ago. Panama’s Punta Chame is the last undeveloped stretch of Pacific beach close to Panama City. It’s the nicest stretch. This point of land with its white-sand beaches, stayed undeveloped […]

Only 40 Places—A Unique RETA Insider Gathering

I’d like to invite 40 of you to join me for a unique private gathering. And I’m not asking you to pay a single red cent to attend. Just cover your accommodation and flights.

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