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Ronan McMahon has been an active real estate investor since his early twenties. A finance graduate, he worked in the e-business consultancy and dot-com industries before joining International Living as real estate Marketing Director in January 2004.

Joining International Living gave Ronan the opportunity to marry his personal and professional interests. In 2007, Ronan took up the position of Executive Director with Pathfinder. (Pathfinder is International Living’s preferred real estate advertiser.) He also founded and writes for Real Estate Trend Alert an international real estate investing publication.

Ronan makes scouting trips all year round following real estate trends and investigating properties with the potential for profit. He spends two weeks out of almost every month on the road and travels to as many as 15 countries per year following trends that could offer profit opportunities.

And Ronan spend lots (and lots) of time sorting the truly worthwhile opportunities from the many that don’t measure up. In fact, he sees about 100 potential deals for every one he actually brings to the attention of members of his Real Estate Trend Alert group.

Knowledge, experience and an unrivaled black book of contacts give Ronan the inside track on unique profit opportunities. His network of contacts is vast, including real estate developers, brokers, agents, land managers, tax experts, title insurance agents, government officials—in short, “insiders” who can give him the real story on a location or upcoming project.

Ronan doesn’t just talk… He’s an active investor himself. He’s there in the trenches making money along with you.

He’s developed a near-flawless approach that accurately pinpoints real estate bull markets while they are still in their early stages…long before most people are even aware of them.

And when he finds the best opportunities, he negotiates “off-market” deals with the developers on behalf of members of Real Estate Trend Alert.

Real Estate Trend Alert members always get the best price available. They always hear about the best deals first. That’s Ronan’s promise. And it’s an important one.


Our Brand-New Riviera Maya Opportunity Opens This Saturday

Strictly speaking, it’s low season on this strip of coast right now. Peak winter season has passed, along with Easter. But it’s still full. At 2.15pm yesterday, I drove by the Hartwood restaurant. A line was already winding its way along the road outside its doors. East Coast hipsters stood waiting in retro hats and intentionally mismatched bikinis. They only had another 3 hours and 45 minutes to wait before the restaurant opened.


A Charming Colonial City Where You Can Still Pick Up a Bargain

In January, I stepped out from the front doors of my colonial hotel into the already bright morning sunshine. Past perfectly preserved colonial buildings, I walked past a wide central park, lined with vendors selling cool drinks and snacks, and horse-drawn carriages offering rides to waiting tourists. It was just a few more steps—past a colorful Spanish colonial cathedral—to get a fresh-brewed coffee or a gelado. You can buy fresh-baked pastries or gourmet jellies or sauces in little street-side cafes.

Cuenca, Spain

Europe’s Stunning Iberian Peninsula: The Real Estate Story Right Now

I’ve traveled widely throughout the Iberian Peninsula and stood watching the wild Atlantic crash on the shores of Portugal and the Mediterranean Sea lapping long beaches to the south of Spain. From a traveler’s point of view, this whole Peninsula—with its Moorish and Basque influences—is charming and intriguing. This is where you’ll find some of Europe’s best weather…as well as good food, good wine, and dramatic landscapes.

A One-Off Chance to Buy Luxury Cabo at Non-Luxury Pricing

One member of our little group has the opportunity to lock down a luxurious Cabo condo for $274,364. Steps away, the local retail market pays up to $450,000. In December 2014, I first brought you details of one of the strongest luxury deals to ever cross my desk—a chance to own a condo at the Turquoise community in Cabo.


When to Sell: How to Plan Your Real Estate Exit Strategy

In real estate, you make your money buying. By buying well and being smart, you lock in gains from the get-go. But buying at the right price is not the only thing you need to get right. You also need a strong and clear exit strategy. That means knowing how you’re going to exit the investment…understanding who your eventual buyer or renter will be…and if they can pay the price you need to get a good return. Your personal, financial, and investment circumstances will shape your exit strategy. You and I could make exactly the same investments, yet our exit strategies might be completely different.

The Window Is Closing: Golf Condos From $120,000 in Spain

If you want to get in on the Costa del Sol’s undervalued real estate, this is your moment to act. The window here is set to close. Members who have acted have done well. Right now we have two strong opportunities to buy at deeply distressed prices. Both opportunities happen to be in golf communities. That’s a nice perk whether you care for golf or not—golf is big business on the Costa del Sol.


April 2016: Potentially Double Your Money With a Luxury Condo on Spain’s Costa del Golf

I’m an avid golfer. I’ve played on some of the best courses in the world. And I’d put the course surrounding our latest opportunity in Spain on my list of top courses. I didn’t find this opportunity by chance. In fact, it was only by repeatedly having boots on the ground in Spain and pounding the pavements…by looking in the places others weren’t looking…that I uncovered this deal. What I found was luxury, standout condos priced at €230,000 ($259,500)…

Flash Alert: Condos on Portugal’s Algarve From $154,500

Greetings from Cancun airport. I’m just about to hop on my flight to New Orleans for International Living’s Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas conference kicks off. Before I jump on a plane, though, there’s an opportunity that just crossed my desk that I need to tell you about.

Everyone Wants in Here. Why Not Join Them?

Today, I would like to extend a special invitation to you to visit, see first-hand the big trends that I have been telling you about on the Riviera Maya in these alerts, and to wiggle your toes in those white sands.

Last Chance: Three-Bedroom Riviera Maya Homes for $249,000

Our opportunity today is at The Residences at A-nah Village, A-nah’s newest community. You have one last chance to act on two of these three-bedroom homes. The developer has agreed to hold our members-only pricing on these homes at $249,000.

Northern Nicaragua Members-Only Scouting Trip—Just 12 Spaces

For too long, Northern Nicaragua has been misunderstood. It’s been painted as a poor, war-torn region. As real estate investors, these misconceptions are good news because we can get in ahead of the pack to pick up bargains. Now is the time to book your place on the members-only scouting trip this May 26–29.

Flash Alert: Snap up Ocean-View Land in Northern Nicaragua

As a member of our little group, you will know that I consider Northern Nicaragua to be the best frontier opportunity on my beat now. I’m writing to you today to draw attention to a standout deal from my full report but only one member can act.

Why Our Real Estate Market is so Strong

Since I founded Real Estate Trend Alert a few days shy of 8 years ago, there has never been a moment of so many strong deals on my beat.

Book Your Place Now For Our Private Meeting This April

We want to make sure everyone who comes to the private meeting gets VIP treatment and the only way to do that is to limit the numbers. The private meeting is only open to members of Real Estate Trend Alert who are attending the conference (and their registered guests). It won’t cost you a dime to join our private meeting.

Cabo, Mexico

Own a Condo, With Rental Potential, in Glitzy Cabo, Mexico

Sometime in the next two months, a small group will gather to celebrate the retail launch of a new building in Cabo, Mexico. They’ll launch floors three and four of that building to the local and expat market. Pricing will be in the $220,000 range. But in the coming days, members of my Real Estate Trend Alert group will have the opportunity to snap up an ocean-view condo on the first or second floor of that same building…for only $149,000.

Itamaraca, Brazil

#1 Piece of Real Estate Advice: Know Your Market

Way before I ever make a recommendation for a foreign real estate buy, I know exactly what the market is doing—and how certain real estate trends are likely to play out. Identifying and understanding market trends is key to smart real estate investment overseas. It’s the difference between buying a nice and low-priced property that will stay at the same price point for years to come…and buying a property that’s set to rise quickly in value over the coming years.

Flash Alert: Two-Bedroom Costa del Sol Condo For $156,000

Here on the Costa del Sol, there are almost no visible signs left of the crisis. Empty retail units have been filled with trendy new stores and restaurants. Shiny new preconstruction is starting back right along the Costa del Sol with prices from the mid-€300,000s ($335,000) and up. There’s an opportunity for one member to act right now.

Condos in Cabo for $144,000—Book Your Visit Now

Mexico’s luxurious Cabo is on the cusp of a major growth trajectory. A new upper-middle class market is emerging here—and we can own the type of condo they’ll want to own or rent. I strongly urge you to visit this April 7-10 as part of our members-only scouting trip.

Act Now—Our Latest Cabo Deal is Now Open

Our opportunity, Las Brisas at Ventanas, is now open. As a Real Estate Trend Alert member, you can act now and snap up an ocean-view condo from only $149,000.


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Buying Moment in a Resurging City

Medellín, Colombia, is like no ordinary worldclass city. It sits in a valley 5,000 feet above sea level, with perfect, year-round, spring-like weather. You can stroll down leafy streets to lush parks, sip a coffee in eclectic cafés and bars, and shop in high-class boutiques. Young “digital nomads” huddle in trendy watering holes plotting the next Facebook. These are folks who can live and work from wherever they choose. They choose Medellín.

Get Ready: Our Brand-New Cabo Opportunity is About to Open

I’ve been calling a big new era for Cabo for the past 14 months. Now it’s happening. Cranes dot construction sites right along the coastal corridor. New roads have opened up. This locale is on a tear. But we, as Real Estate Trend Alert members, can still get in at the ground floor of the next phase of Cabo’s development.

Flash Alert: A Guesthouse in Costa Rica With Serious Income Potential

The best play right now in Arenal, Costa Rica is to take something unloved, but with potential, and to add value through clever thinking, a few bucks, or some elbow grease, to create a new use for an underappreciated property.
That’s the sort of opportunity I got word of when I was in Costa Rica a few weeks ago—a guesthouse that could be a nice little earner for an investor with time to spend on a project.

Two-Bedroom Riviera Maya Condo for $169,300 —Just One Remaining

Tucan has gone retail…and entry pricing for a condo here starts from $185,900. But thanks to a special situation, one member of Real Estate Trend Alert has a chance to get in. And at the same members-only pricing as it was pre-release back in November.

Three-Bedroom Riviera Maya Homes—Just Two Remaining

The first five were locked down in a matter of minutes. All 14 were locked down by close of business on Saturday. I told you how strong this opportunity was and that these would fly off the shelves. It’s that good a deal. And you still have a chance to act…

Get Boots on the Ground at our Newest Opportunity

Today, I’d like to extend a members-only invitation for you to visit and see our opportunity first-hand. The developer will pick up the tab for each of the 16 members to book their space on this special members-only scouting trip. Book your spot here. This FREE trip is a special perk of your Real Estate Trend Alert membership.

Capital Appreciation and Rental Potential on the Riviera Maya

This April, a small group will gather to celebrate the local, retail launch of The Residences at A-nah Village. But Real Estate Trend Alert members can get in early, choose the best homes, and buy with manageable monthly payments thanks to our members-only finance terms.

Our Newest Riviera Maya Opportunity—Residences from $224,000

Last September, I told you about what I consider to be the best ground-floor opportunity on the Riviera Maya right now: A-nah Village. Values have risen strongly along this Riviera. But I’m writing today about another two-step opportunity: homes in A-nah Village. This brand-new opportunity will open this Saturday.

Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico

A Caribbean Penthouse Buy for Just $250,000

Mexico’s Caribbean coast ticks all the boxes when it comes to real estate opportunity. It’s on an upward trajectory. Prices have risen strongly in recent years. But for now, there’s still opportunity to buy well and watch the value of your real estate rise.

Book Your Visit Now to See Our Costa Rica Opportunity

This is the perfect time of year to visit the Southern Zone. And you can visit as part of our Real Estate Trend Alert members-only scouting trip this March 23-26, where you can see firsthand the opportunities that I told you about yesterday.


Why Buy Now in Málaga on Spain’s Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol, a stretch of coast that runs along Spain’s southern coast, has struggled with a mixed reputation over the years. It was long known as a place where visitors from northern Europe came for cheap beer and sunshine. And the city of Málaga, east of the better-known Marbella, had an even worse reputation. It was the place even those “cheap-beer-and-sunshine” visitors wanted to avoid—a dirty, grimy, and crime-ridden port city. Millions of passengers landed each year in Málaga airport, to head west along the coast to the beaches, golf courses, and English pubs. They didn’t even think about visiting Málaga. It seemed as though this ancient city had been lost: 2,800 years of human settlement decaying.

Lock Down Your 25% Discount in Costa Rica Now

Costa Rica’s Southern Zone was previously difficult to get to. That’s meant that real estate values stayed low there, while they soared elsewhere in Costa Rica. But a new road fixed that and, thanks to a special situation, Real Estate Trend Alert members can buy in the region’s gold standard Pacific Lots community with members-only pricing from $33,750.

RETA February PDF Cover

February 2016: Once in a Lifetime Buying Moment in Medellín, Colombia

Medellin is the only modern and sophisticated city on my beat that I know of where you can buy a high-end condo of 800 square feet—in the most desirable neighborhood—for $100,000. For less than double that price, you can get an even better deal: a three-bedroom condo of 2,300 square feet…as I explain in this Special Edition of Real Estate Trend Alert.

Two Standout Condos in Tucan At A-Nah Village—Act Now

As a member of our little group, you will know that I’m bullish about the best opportunities along Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Members have done well from our strategy of buying early-in, in the best-in-class projects—just like our opportunity at Tucan.

On The Road: Scouting Opportunity in Vibrant Northern Nicaragua

My Nicaragua scouting trip took me from the beaches that border with Costa Rica and right up the country’s Pacific coast to the cliffs that look across to Honduras. This was my second trip in 13 months to this part of Nicaragua and the potential is higher than I first expected. The pace of development is accelerating.

Bank Fire-Sale Condos on Portugal’s Southern Coast

As a member of our little group, you’ll be familiar with the opportunity we have in Portugal thanks to economic turmoil. Crisis rolled through Portugal in 2009. We need to act fast to get the best units at the best discounts. Just like the strong opportunity I am going to tell you about now.

Flash Alert: Ocean-View Lot in Southern Nicaragua for $75,000

I told you yesterday about the Path of Progress that’s steadily rolling along Nicaragua’s southern Pacific coast. More people are coming here to live or for vacation, and a regional middle class is emerging. Property prices are on the up. And today I’m telling you about a great members-only deal I’ve found in Rancho Santana that just can’t wait. It’s a steal.

On the Road: Following Southern Nicaragua’s Path of Progress

Sunlight bounces off the white-capped waves that crash onto the beach. The ocean is dotted with surfers, chasing the big one. Down on the beach, a group on horseback navigates the soft sand. I’m at Rancho Santana on Nicaragua’s southern Pacific coast. It’s a great time to visit.

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