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A finance graduate, Ronan McMahon worked in the e-business consultancy and dot-com industries before joining International Living as Real Estate Marketing Director in January 2004. Ronan has been an active real estate investor since his early twenties and joining International Living gave him the opportunity to marry his personal and professional interests. In 2008 Ronan took up the position of Executive Director with Pathfinder. Pathfinder is International Living’s preferred Real Estate advertising partner. Pathfinder scours the globe to find the most unique and value-oriented real estate opportunities.


Ronan also writes International Living’s Real Estate Trend Alert and regularly contributes to International Living’s print and online publications. International Real Estate investment is his beat. Ronan has travelled to 15 countries in 12 months following trends that could offer profit opportunities. Instinct, experience and an unrivalled black book of contacts give him direct access to the inside track to profit opportunities.


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January 2015: Limited Window of Opportunity on Mexico’s Riviera Maya

The real estate market at the southern edge of Mexico’s Riviera Maya is the fastest moving market on my beat. The buying moment is now—but we have a limited time to act before the moment passes. Tulúm has gone mainstream in a big way…In this special edition of Real Estate Trend Alert I reveal the opportunities we have yet to look forward to.


The Last Opportunity in This Booming Beach Town

Hip, trendy, vibrant… Those three words sum up Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This is a boomtown, plain and simple. Over the past 20 years, the population has exploded. Fifth Avenue, the main shopping and entertainment drag, is described locally as the longest pedestrianized street in the Americas. Each time I visit—that’s every month for the last three months now—it feels like new blocks have sprung up and fashionable restaurants and boutiques have opened their doors.

Flash Alert: Pacific Riviera Lot for $55,000

I’ve just got word about another opportunity on a different lot. (I’ll have boots on the ground here next week scouting opportunities forReal Estate Trend Alert members.) One RETA member can lock down this lot for $55,000.


Now is the Time to Grab a Real Estate Bargain on Ireland’s Beara Peninsula

The decade leading up to 2006 saw Ireland suffer through one of the biggest real estate bubbles on earth. The real estate market stalled in 2006/2007, amid rumors that transfer taxes were set to be reduced. Then in 2008 the crisis hit. In 2009, the global financial crisis rolled through, flattening Ireland’s entire banking sector and economy. In your July 2011 edition, I reported how Irish real estate was available at a discount of 80% on peak prices. Today, Ireland’s real estate market is bouncing back. News stories are filled with talk of housing shortages and fast-rising values. These reports are correct. There has been a strong surge in demand for family homes in desirable areas of Ireland’s main cities. The big buying opportunity here has passed, but right now Irish real estate is a tale of two markets.


Flash Alert: Rancho Santana Ocean-view Lot for $82,000

Rancho Santana, on Nicaragua’s south Pacific coast, is one of the most stunning stretches of coast on earth. It’s a well-established community with five sandy beaches—and now oneReal Estate Trend Alert member has the chance to pick up a lot here.

Where Our Next Big Opportunity May Develop

As I told you yesterday, 2014 was a big year for us. This year is going to be even bigger. Right now, there are many places on my watch list that could spell opportunity for us…maybe even be the play of the decade. I’m on the road almost two weeks out of every month scouting […]

Year in Review: How We Got Ahead of the Trends in 2014

Heading into 2015 this is still the case in locations that offer great upside and where we have little competition. Places I can negotiate particularly strong members-only pricing and terms for Real Estate Trend Alert members. Here’s a recap of last year in terms of our buying opportunities…

Members-Only Cabo Scouting Trip—Don’t Miss Out

Now is the time to book your flights and to put boots on the ground in this high-end location. This is best-in-class Cabo luxury, and you can see it for yourself on our RETA members-only scouting trip here from February 26 to March 1.

I’m Buying, Too – Room for Just One More…

This is the strongest luxury opportunity that has crossed my desk in the seven-year history of Real Estate Trend Alert. Eight of your fellow members are acting on this deal. I’m buying into it, too. There’s room for just one more RETA member.

Brazil’s Northeast Coast – Reserve Your Lot Now (Hot Deal #2)

In October, I told you how you could lock down a lot in Fortim, Northeast Brazil, with a down payment of $4,920 and 120 monthly payments of $312. I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity. If this has been on your radar, now it the time to act. You see…the window is set to close.

The Hottest Deals on my Beat Right Now

Over the next week, I’m going to take a second look at the hottest deals on my beat that you should be paying attention to as we come in to the New Year.

Visit Now to Profit from Cabo’s Pricing Anomaly

Last week, I told you about the opportunity we have at the Copala community within Cabo’s Quivira luxury resort. Now is the time to book your flights and put boots on the ground at this high-end, blue-chip location.

Buy in Cabo from $1,000 a Month

Yesterday I told you about our latest members-only, pre-release deal—the best luxury opportunity on my beat right now. It’s in Cabo, at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula in Northwestern Mexico. I want to draw your attention to how strong an opportunity this is.


Uruguay’s Farmland: The Best Place to Park Your Cash

Little Uruguay is a country that has advantages for producing food. It has good productive land, and a temperate climate allows the cultivation of up to three crops a year on average. Thanks to increasing wealth and food consumption in emerging markets, farmland here could generate a yield of between 3% and 9% (depending on the type of land and management option you choose), and also enjoy long-term appreciation. And Uruguay is where the small guy can directly get in on this food trend with ownership control. Uruguay has an advanced domestic farm industry. The domestic infrastructure of farm management companies, routes to market, and professional services caters for foreign investors.

Price Increase Alert: Buy Your Riviera Maya Condo Now

Mexico’s Riviera Maya is on a tear, hotels are all but full, and the best real estate opportunities are being snapped up. Prices are rising strongly. In these alerts, I’ve told you about the best members-only deals in best-in-class communities along the Riviera Maya, from Playa del Carmen to Tulum.

Strong Rental Yield Opportunities in Midwest Ireland

I’ve told you in past alerts how you could profit from Ireland’s crisis right now. Prices in strong areas of Ireland’s big cities are back in bubble mode. Dublin is flooded with fund money chasing big opportunities that come up.

Greetings From Mexico’s Northwest Coast

The landscape in Baja California Sur in Northwest Mexico is dramatic. Brilliant blue skies arch over empty desert landscapes and frame rocky mountain peaks. White-sand beaches run for miles alongside cobalt-blue seas. Last week, I visited this peninsula on Mexico’s Northwest coast.

Scout Fire Sale Opportunities in Southern Spain – Feb. 19

The real estate market in Spain’s Costa del Sol is on a tear. As I told you on Friday, the window of opportunity is closing. The time to act is now. On foot of my analysis and recommendations in that my report, I’m extending an invitation, strictly limited to 12 Real Estate Trend Alert members, to take part in a scouting trip to this coast in February.


Discovering Paradise on Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Carlos stares into the afternoon sky, scans the horizon, and glances at his cell phone to check for messages. Then, using his machete and with a few deft flicks of his wrist, he slices through the scrub. Brightly colored butterflies float on the breeze. Whenever they come close, Carlos gently brushes them away from us and away from any danger to them. Carlos, though hardly five feet tall, wears the wide smile common among Mayans. It’s contagious. He’s one of the most successful developers on the Riviera Maya but here in the scrub, he’s a world away from bustling Mexico City where he spends a lot of his time. In the Riviera Maya is where he’s at his happiest—not in any boardroom or first class airline seat.

Can You Spare 4 Days to Take a Complimentary Trip to Tulum?

Mexico’s Riviera Maya is a special place—and now you’ve got an excuse to visit. This is an invitation you can’t pass up. It’s time to book your flight and get boots on the ground to check out the penthouse lofts at Tao that I told you about yesterday.

Riviera Maya Penthouses for $184,000

The final building at Tao Lofts was launched to the local market on October 2. The Hai Lofts sold like gangbusters—at prices higher than RETA members paid. When I visited last weekend, all but two of these lofts had been sold

This Members-Only Trip to Costa Rica Could Save You $20,000

Real Estate Trend Alert members have the opportunity to visit this magnificent region this December 10-13—in an area surrounded by bright, thick, green jungle canopy that rolls down to a coast of sandy beaches and rocky points—as part of one of our members-only groups to Pacific Lots.Just three places are left on this trip.

Buy Now Where Profitable Trends Converge on the Costa del Sol

We typically see Path of Progress opportunities in places that are on the up…we usually discover distressed opportunities by finding high-quality inventory somewhere that’s broadly in crisis. It’s rare that we see the convergence of both these trends—but today that’s the opportunity we have along a stretch of Spain’s Costa del Sol. San Pedro is a pleasant sleepy Spanish town of leafy squares and pedestrian streets. Marbella is 12 minutes away (by car…25 minutes by public bus).

Free Scouting Trip to the Riviera Maya – 40 Places Only

Today I’ll tell you about the best way to check out part of Mexico’s Riviera Maya firsthand. At A-nah, you are buying at a time when construction is fast progressing—ahead of schedule, in fact. The first homes were slated for delivery a year from now. They are ahead of schedule. I’m excited about visiting the model condo in a couple of weeks.

Sternen Stempel rot SOLD OUT

Flash Alert: One-Bedroom Riviera Maya Condo for $145,000

I bought a townhome in the recently-launched Ceiba at A-nah Tulum community along Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Now one member of our group has the chance to pick up a condo here…but at our pre-release price of $145,000. These are the same condos that Real Estate Trend Alert members have already snapped up.

Beach in Brazil

$10 a Day to Own This Beach-Town Lot

Right now, you could buy your own piece of property right off the beach in Brazil…in a location where millionaires are putting their vacation homes…and all it will cost you is a few hundred dollars a month. The beaches here are spectacular—brilliant-white sand stretches for miles. Along that long stretch of coastline, multi-million-dollar homes are dotted. Over the past decade this part of Brazil has enjoyed an economic transformation. Very little has happened here—but now we’re seeing an opportunity.

Gangi, Sicily

Italian Island Homes – 1 Euro Each

Last month I visited the historic Gangi in Sicily, a 14th-century hamlet voted ‘Most Beautiful Village in Italy” this year. I was there to scout out undervalued real estate—and you can’t get more affordable than what Gangi offers. I’d heard that Gangi was pretty special—besides being home to an incredible real estate opportunity, it’s a hidden gem whose beauty and historic significance has been overlooked by all but the savviest vacationers.

All-Time Low Price for an Italian Island Property

Last month I put boots on the ground in the historic Sicilian hill town of Gangi. I was following an idea I don’t get to cover very often on my beat—buying something of intrinsic value that’s selling very cheap because it’s not in fashion.

Puerto Vallarta—Killer Deals When You Know How to Find Them

“The developer here is in jail…” is something I heard a lot. It was alarming…but in a way, it was reassuring, too. Puerto Vallarta—one of Mexico’s most popular expat destinations— is home to an estimated 10,000 North Americans living here full-time. They chose Puerto Vallarta for good reasons. Puerto Vallarta sits at the foot of the grand Sierra Madre mountains that sweep down to the Bay of Banderas. It’s a warm and sunny spot with tropical beaches, fresh ocean breezes, and temperatures that average 73° F to 83° F all year.

Visit Now to Profit From Costa Rica’s Path of Progress

Of our fellow Real Estate Trend Alert members who visit Costa Rica’s Southern Zone and investigated this region, most buy in this project—Pacific Lots. Now you have a chance to visit this magnificent region—surrounded by the bright, thick, green jungle canopy that rolls down to a coast of sandy beaches and rocky points.

Chasing Opportunities in Ireland’s Recovering Market

As I’ve told you in past alerts, prices in strong areas of Ireland’s big cities are back in bubble mode. I’m working on a big new idea for us to profit from Ireland’s crisis right now. Dublin is flooded with fund money, chasing strong big-ticket opportunities that come up.

Members-Only Trip to the Closest Luxury Condos to the Beach in Tulúm

Two weeks ago I told you about our opportunity at Encanto on Mexico’s Riviera Maya. This is where we can buy the closest luxury condo to the beach at Tulúm from just $180,000. Now you can visit this master-planned community, November 6-9 or December 4-7, in the company of fellow members and like-minded people.

Eavesdrop on My Private Conversation…

I recently caught up with my contacts from Northeast Brazil, Daniel and Hanna Neves. We talked over how some of the opportunities members of our group have bought are working out—like getting a year’s worth of rent in just one month in the landscape and beach class condos we bought in 2009 and 2010 on top of strong appreciation. And, the rise in values in my recent recommendation of Fazenda Imperial.

The Brazilian Deal I’m Buying Into

Five days ago I told you about the opportunity we have in Fortim, Brazil to buy a lot with a down payment of $4,920 and monthly payments of $312. This is a really strong deal in an area with a stunning stretch of beach that, thanks to a newly upgraded highway, is now only 90 minutes from Fortaleza. There’s a new airport 15 minutes away. Fortaleza’s new upper middle class is exploding. This is where they will want to have their beach homes.

Brazilian Beach Deal Now Open

Yesterday I told you about the opportunity that we’d soon have in Brazil where millionaires are putting their vacation homes…and we can get in for a few hundred dollars a month. I’ve just got word that reservations are now open for us at the Fortim community in Northeast Brazil.

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