Albania: A Great, Undiscovered Travel Destination


Albania is one of Europe’s undiscovered gems…nestled between Greece and Montenegro it has spectacular mountain ranges and rolling valleys.

The municipality of Ksamil--a beautiful, tropical island--is off the coast of Southern Albania and is very popular with tourists.

And wait for it…Albania was voted the No.1 destination in 2011 by Lonely Planet!


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Fast Facts About Albania

  • Population: 3,011,405
  • Capital City: Tirana
  • Climate: Mild temperate, wet winters, dry summers, interior is cooler and wetter
  • Time Zone: GMT+1
  • Language: Albanian (official)
  • Country Code: 355
  • Coastline: 362km
  • Location: Southeastern Europe, bordering Adriatic Sea and Ionian Sea, between Greece and Montenegro.


Legends of Albania-the "Land of the Snowy Peaks"

US$1 equals 104.9 Albanian lek Until my recent visit to the country, all I knew about Albania was a story that my father told me about how his grandfather was outraged when Mussolini annexed Albania. Not because invading another country is a bad thing to do, but because Il Duce had “just ruined the best […]

Travels through the Ionian Riviera-it's who you know in Albania and Montenegro

Travels through the Ionian Riviera-it’s who you know in Albania and Montenegro

According to legend, the Albanian city of Butrint (or Buthrotum-its ancient name) was founded by Helenus, son of King Priam, after the fall of Troy. Aeneas is said to have been entertained here and, according to Virgil, described this city as “Troy in Miniature.” Legends aside, what is certain is that the Illyrians were occupying the Butrint site from about the eighth century B.C.

kotor - montenegro

The Intrepid Traveler’s Little Black Book

“Intrepid” might be the best word to describe the traveler who sets out to explore the destinations we feature in the November issue of International Living–especially if he travels in search not only of fun, but also with an eye to opportunity for profit.

It’s who you know in Albania and Montenegro

Travels through the Ionian Riviera—it’s who you know in Albania and Montenegro

The vegetation on Albania’s Ionian Riviera changes about four times from almost sub-tropical moonscape in the south through miles of ancient olive forest to cypress forest and miniature Grand Canyon landscapes. As you move north, the scrub terrain gives way to ancient pine forest. Villages are built on promontories perched high above the spectacular Ionian coastline; rugged mountains as their backdrop and turquoise bays their view. There are fewer islands here, but what Albania lacks in island life it more than makes up for in long sandy beaches and wild surroundings.

snow face

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