Why you Should Travel to Bolivia


La Paz, at over 12,000 feet, is the highest capital city in the world. Bolivia’s landscape varies from rugged Andean peaks to tropical rainforests in the Amazon Basin. The famous ‘El Chorro’ trail stretches from the snow-capped High Andes through several ecosystems and concludes in the steamy, humid Yungas…it is a once-in-a-lifetime-experience…one where you can witness all that Bolivia has to offer. Property is affordable, too--a 30,000-acre ranch with 11 miles of navigable river costs just $500,000, for example.


The food is great quality and rustic. The beautiful colonial cities of Sucre and Potosí are not to be missed. And don't forget to visit Lake Titicaca, in the Andes--the largest lake in South America.


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Fast Facts About Bolivia

  • Population: 10,461,053
  • Capital City: La Paz
  • Climate: Varies with altitude, humid and tropical to cold and semi-arid.
  • Time Zone: GMT-4
  • Language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara
  • Country Code: 591
  • Coastline: Landlocked
  • Location: Central South America, southwest of Brazil



Good Living on $1,000 a Month in Bolivia’s “Garden City”

You’re on the way home from the largest outdoor market in South America, where you loaded your shopping bags with farm-fresh produce for less than $5. The warm weather tempts you to enjoy an easy stroll through one of the plazas and parks that dot the city. Decked out with blooming flowers in vivid patterns, they offer the perfect retreat from the market’s hustle and bustle.

Page 32   Santa Cruz, Bolivia   Credit  David Hammond

Easy Income in a “Wild and Wonderful” Country

For 63-year old Trent Wauson, “Bolivia is a hidden gem.” The former medical laboratory director hadn’t planned on leaving his job to set up a B&B and restaurant in the foothills of the Bolivian Andes, but in 2004 that’s exactly what happened. Eleven years later, he and his wife Rosario couldn’t be happier. “Coming to Bolivia was a fresh start. I always wanted to have a bed and breakfast, and here it seemed like nothing could stop me,” says Trent.


Chestnut Booze and a Failed Assassination

Many years ago, the Portuguese island of Madeira had a surplus of chestnuts. To make the most of this bumper crop before it went off, the creative locals used chestnuts in every conceivable dish, from soup and cake to bread and even liqueurs. And from November 1 to 2 each year, residents of the rural district of Curral das Freiras commemorate their ingenuity with the Festa da Castanha, or Chestnut Festival.


Adventure in the Mountains of Bolivia

Located right at the heart of South America, Bolivia is famous for amazing natural settings, stunning wildlife, and intriguing archeological sites. And in one very special town, you have all this right on the doorstep: Samaipata.


Shamanic Rituals and Ancient Theater

Renowned for its beaches and culture, the Indonesian island of Bali plays host to the annual Bali Arts Festival from June 13. This celebration of traditional art and dance includes tribal dress—resplendent golden headgear, vibrantly-colored saris, and ornate tribal masks—and traditional dance unlikely to be seen anywhere outside the remote villages where it originated. A terrific way to immerse yourself in the unique traditions of the Eastern world while soaking up some glorious rays.


Tarija: Bolivia’s Andean Paradise for $1,200 a Month

Nestled in an Andean valley at 6,000 feet, the Bolivian city of Tarija is truly one of South America’s great undiscovered gems. You’ll find colonial architecture, a near-perfect Mediterranean climate, and vineyards outside town stretching to the horizon. It’s also one of the most affordable cities in the Americas: you can live a comfortable retirement in a centrally-located apartment for $1,200 a month, including rent, enjoy a delicious three-course meal for as little as $4, or visit one of its many medical facilities from $20. Tarija is home to 235,000 people, among them a small community of around 250 expats— mostly from Europe, North America, and New Zealand.


How to Make a Home in Bolivia with Just A Little Spanish

It’s said “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”…but that’s definitely not the case when it comes to learning Spanish. On the contrary, knowing just a little Spanish is often enough to reach your goal of starting a new life in a Spanish-speaking country. With just a little knowledge of the language, you can express and understand many very basic exchanges. Then, you just keep improving little by little…day by day. You’d be amazed how it can enrich your life. Take getting around in a taxi as an example:


Discover Bolivia’s Best Places For Income Opportunity

If you’re the pioneering type, a small business in Bolivia might offer just the kind of lifestyle you’re looking for. You can live well in Bolivia for less money than just about anywhere, and you don’t need bags of cash to start an enterprise here. Historically, Bolivia ranks alongside the poorest countries in the region, but things are changing. Today it is among the most hopeful economies in the hemisphere…its economy is growing steadily at around 5% a year… inflation (5.19% in 2014) and debt (32% of GDP in 2013) are under control. Bolivia’s oil and gas industry helps keep energy costs low.


Tarija, A Hidden Haven in Bolivia’s Wine Country

Latin America is home to many scenic colonial towns with a low cost of living. But every once in a while, a location crosses our radar that truly stands out. Bolivia’s southernmost city, Tarija, is just such a place. Tucked away in a mountain valley, with vineyards stretching to the south, Tarija is one of the continent’s hidden treasures. For a start, there’s the cost of living. A couple can live in Tarija, including rent, for $1,000 a month. For $1,200 to $1,500 a month, you can live in a centrally-located apartment, dine out, buy wine, join a gym, go to the movies, and get manicures. You’ll find places where you can enjoy a delicious and filling three-course meal for less than $4.


“I Teach U.S. Students Online from Low-Cost, Tropical Bolivia”

Stacey Roush is a teacher who left the United States…without ever missing a class. Thanks to technology, she now lives in a low-cost area overseas while still teaching her geography class—online—to students in Pennsylvania. Stacey’s new home is Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia.


Emerging Markets Grow as America Declines

For any careful investor it’s important to understand not just the current trend but rather where we’re headed. As such, keep an eye toward the future for the growth leaders of tomorrow. Since 2007, emerging markets have been outspending American consumers. Take a look at the charts here to see how the international growth/redistribution of current consumption trends will change the landscape of international business.

Samaipata, Bolivia

Bolivia Fast Facts

  Location: Central South America, southwest of Brazil. Area: 424,164 square miles (1,098,581 square kilometers). Slightly less than three times the size of Montana. Population: 10,800,882 (July 2015 est.)- Capital: La Paz Geography: Landlocked; shares control of Lago Titicaca, world’s highest navigable lake (elevation 12,483 feet), with Peru Climate: Varies with altitude; humid and tropical to […]


How You Could Pay For Your Next Trip to South America

I’m not a professional photographer, but for over five years now I’ve used stock photography to supplement my income and help cover travel expenses. One of my favorite trips in recent years was to La Paz, Bolivia.

Trek Bolivia A Machu Picchu Alternative

Trek Bolivia: A Machu Picchu Alternative

Forget the trek to Machu Picchu, Peru. While the pre-Columbian city is truly a work of art, it is difficult not to feel disappointed after hiking for four days only to find a hoard of tourists who got to the top in an hour by train. Instead of following the masses, why not venture off the beaten path and hike Bolivia’s El Choro Trail?

Bolivia—For the Adventurous Only

Bolivia—For the Adventurous Only

A dramatic kaleidoscope of color…amazing rock formations… spectacularly high, snow-covered peaks…endless great salt lakes…jungles… pampas…vineyards… whitewashed colonial cities…and modern, skyscraper-filled metropolises…

Your Dollar Still Goes Far in Ecuador

Your Dollar Still Goes Far in Ecuador

When my wife Merri and I first arrived in Ecuador in 1997, one U.S. dollar bought about 3,000 Ecuadorian sucres. Then Ecuador’s currency took a disastrous nosedive. Within a year, 7,000 sucres equaled one greenback.

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