Croatia is the Mediterranean as it once was.

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Fast Facts About Croatia

  • Population: 4,475,611
  • Capital City: Zagreb
  • Climate: Mediterranean and continental; continental climate predominant with hot summers and cold winters; mild winters, dry summers along coast
  • Time Zone: GMT+1
  • Language: Croatian (Official)
  • Country Code: +385


Four of Europe’s Most Romantic Train Journeys

Like so many from the U.S., when I daydream about traveling through Europe, I always imagine myself on a train: speeding quietly through the countryside, over the mountain passes, past charming, ancient towns, or along the shores of a massive glacial lake. Other forms of transportation—with their two-hour pre-flight check-ins, their bumpy, uncomfortable buses, and their too-close-for-comfort seating arrangements—always feel like a hassle.

Live in a Heritage City Behind the Old Iron Curtain

For decades the Iron Curtain divided Europe in two. Folks in the U.S. and Western Europe were afforded only glimpses of life in the Eastern Bloc. The political situation severely restricted travel. And half of Europe became an uncharted and unknown land. Then the Berlin Wall fell and a dozen or so nations opened up, embracing new freedoms. Visitors were welcomed and discovered a history going back thousands of years, regions of untouched natural beauty, and a seriously low cost of living.

Festivals Around the World: Beer-Can Boats and “the Manly Games”

Make your way to the Italian city of Siena for Il Palio on July 2 and witness 10 bareback riders charge through the streets as part of an ancient religious tradition. The Corteo Storico pageant precedes the race and celebrations go on long after the winner has passed the post.

How to Buy a Yacht for Retirement

How to Buy a Yacht for Retirement

When my husband, Al, and I bought our sailboat Carina back in 1993, we knew she was close to perfect for our planned life cruising the Caribbean. At 37 feet long, with a large center cockpit and aft cabin she was big enough for two, and the price was right at around $50,000.


Travel to Croatia: One of the Most Beautiful Places in Europe

Before I arrived in Croatia, people told me that it was one of the most beautiful places in Europe. “If you love Italy, you’ll love Croatia,” they said. “After all, the Croatian coast is where the Italians go to vacation.” Most of Croatia’s coast is along the historic Dalmatian region—a place that perfectly meshes Italian and Eastern European inspirations in architecture, food, and even language. I based myself in Split…


Europe’s Seductive Tug: How to Indulge without Breaking the Bank

Europe may be the second-smallest continent by land mass, but it’s extravagantly diverse in geography, climate, language, and culture. From the flamenco-dancing south of Spain to Rembrandt’s tulip-filled homeland, to the rugged cliffs of Italy’s Mediterranean coast, it’s equally rich with opportunity…for gracious travel…comfortable living…even for good-value investing.


Discover Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

The scene is like something out of a dream: The sea stretches for miles, piercingly blue and dotted with mountainous islands hazy in the distance. The shoreline is rocky and white, and dusty-brown mountains jut into the sky behind it. At sunset, the cities along the coast take on a faint pinkish glow as the light bounces off their terracotta rooftops.


The Secret to Making Good Money from Almost Any Country You Choose

Imagine living in Europe, Africa, or Australia and earning a living while traveling around and discovering the continent. Sounds too good to be true? Well this is exactly what I have been doing for about six years now. I started off in Africa because I had always wanted to go on a safari but could never afford it.


The Perched Villages of Europe

In medieval Europe, keeping an eye out for and guarding against invasion—a frequent occurrence in those days—was no easy feat. But one of a nobleman’s greatest defensive weapons was a castle perched on a rocky hilltop near an important mountain pass. The location itself—surrounded by steep cliff—offered protection.

European Ski Village edit

Renting on the Slopes of Europe for Ski Season

For thousands of years skiing was just a way to travel in winter, carry mail and goods to snowbound towns, or—believe it or not—charge into battle. Then in the mid-19th century the first races took place and before long enthusiastic amateurs had taken up the sport.


Travel in Croatia: The Corner of Europe That Time Forgot

As the ferry approaches Brac Island and Supetar, its toy-town “capital,” the blues fragment into shimmering greens and turquoises. In the harbor, the water is so crystal clear I can see fish. It’s like gazing into a magic mirror. Today, Croatia is pulling out all the stops. Trees froth with blossom, fields are speckled gold with wildflowers, and there’s the scent of summer in the air.


Croatia: the Blue Beauty of the Adriatic

Blue becomes bluer, every shade from sapphire to cobalt. Sea merges with sky. The intensity of blueness is almost too much. It’s as if the Adriatic has fallen into the clutches of a Photoshop enthusiast with an uncontrolled passion for color saturation.

Eight Ways to Vacation Overseas—Free

Eight Ways to Vacation Overseas—Free

Everyone dreams of vacations. But accommodation, food, and transportation all add up. In the current economic climate, low cost is good. And “no cost” is even better. Here are some suggestions to save on your next vacation


Searching for Abbazia: Following royal footsteps along Croatia’s most elegant promenade

The elegant seaside town of Abbazia once vied for the title of Europe’s most stylish health resort. But the only way to pin-point Abbazia on a map today is if your local antiquarian book shop possesses a copy of Three Months in Abbazia, by Victorian explorer Sir Richard Burton; the town has vanished from maps and memory. Like the blooming magnolias, the town itself still exists, but after the formation of Tito’s Yugoslavia, it was renamed Opatija.

business in Croatia

All in a name: Setting up a company in Croatia

If you’re thinking of investing in Croatia and want to take advantage of this country’s pre-EU membership status, the first step is to form a Croatian limited liability company. This enables you to purchase real estate, reside in Istria for six to twelve months at a time, earn money, and even participate in Croatia’s fine national health plan.


Hello Mummy

More than 50 miracle cures have been attributed to the mummified corpse of Saint Nicolosa. Alas, I cannot add my hay fever to the tally.


What it costs to live in…Pula, Croatia

In this occasional column, we report on the costs incurred to you, should you make the move to Europe. This week, we visit Pula, Croatia, for the lowdown on some general items you’ll be paying for. Prices given are those recorded as of April 20, 2007. $0.18 equals 1 kuna.

From the office to the sea

From the office to the sea

In 2002, Jeff Martin was busy running his successful law practice in Massachusetts. “I was having no fun at all,” he says. The only thing he did enjoy was scuba diving.


Hotspots September 2007

A collection of hotspots for IL travelers to consider for the year ahead

From the office to the sea

From the office to the sea

In 2002, Jeff Martin was busy running his successful law practice in Massachusetts. “I was having no fun at all,” he says. The only thing he did enjoy was scuba diving.



Take a look at some up and coming hotspots for international real estate investing.


Is this the new Tuscany? Istria-the jewel of the Adriatic

Croatia is often dubbed “the Mediterranean as it used to be” or “the new Tuscany.” But are the accolades justified?
Undoubtedly, the country deserves all the recent media attention. No mega-resorts, few concrete high-rises and graced with more than 1,100 islands, its coastline truly is idyllic.



June’s hottest finds for international real estate investing


 Taxes in Croatia Croatian Real Estate Taxes Property Tax In general, you should allow 10% on top of the purchase price to cover associated taxes and fees. There are no annual property taxes on private dwellings (except if the property is registered as a holiday home), but purchase tax is levied when buying real estate. […]

Hay Fever Remedies (and Other Tips From Croatia)

The finest aromas I never smelled are wafting out of this harbor town… Learn more about Croatia in International Living Postcards– your daily escape Monday, July 9, 2007 Istria, Croatia Rovinj is remarkably unsmelly for a medieval town. (Medieval drains can often be vile.) Instead it’s the aroma of coffee and fresh bread–bakeries here stay […]

Rural Istria

Picture sunlight dappling through woodland glades, verdant hills crowned with tiaras of honey-colored medieval villages of loggias, archways, cobblestone streets, and little squares. With its community of artists and musicians, one of the loveliest of Istria’s rural towns is Groznjan. In 1910, it was under Austrian rule. The census of that year shows a thriving […]

This July see Balkan stars under the stars…and enjoy a film festival as an insider

In Roman times, the masses were appeased with bread and circuses. (You could say that little has changed. Fast forward 2,000 years, and the powers-that-be now distract us from reality with a diet of banal TV shows and celebrity worship.) In Pula, in Croatia’s Istria region, the Roman legacy of popular entertainment survives in astounding […]


Taxes in Croatia Croatian Taxation Croatia has a high tax regime, but this shouldn’t affect you unless much of your income derives from sources within the country–or you become a tax resident. Tax residents are generally taxed on their worldwide income. Based on physical presence, you are a tax resident in Croatia if you stay […]


Croatia: The Owner’s Manual 2006

In Croatia: The Owner’s Manual, we’ll show you not only why you should seriously consider Croatia…as a gorgeous place to visit, as a smart spot to buy an investment property, and as a world-class locale to shop for a bargain coastal getaway…but also specifically where you should look right now. We believe this re-emerging market should be at the top of your list, be you an investor, a wandering expat, a would-be retiree, or an adventurer.

2005 Annual Global Retirement Index: The world’s top retirement havens

2005 Annual Global Retirement Index: The world’s top retirement havens

For the fifth year in a row, Panama has taken top honors in our Annual Global Retirement Index. It comes out on top in every category, including the Special Benefits (for retirees) category, boasting the world’s best pensionado program, better than the famed Costa Rica program of the 1980s. Plus it boasts a low cost of living, affordable real estate, great weather in the interior, and, extraordinary and unique in this part of the world, First World Panama City, with infrastructure that works, U.S-style shopping malls, nightclubs, restaurants, cafes…even Dunkin Donuts and The Colonel’s fried chicken.

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