Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia, archipelago between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.


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Fast Facts About Indonesia

  • Population: 251,160,124 (July 2013 est.)
  • Capital City: Jakarta
  • Climate: Tropical; hot, humid; more moderate in highlands
  • Time difference: UTC+7 (12 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)


Hanoi, Vietnam

“Retiring Early Overseas Gave Me A Richer, More Rewarding Life”

We have always loved to travel; my husband David and I. Annual holidays gave us the perfect excuse. We first explored the U.S. on epic road trips, then Mexico, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Each time we returned, it was back to the “real world” of too much work and not enough play. Returning from our last holiday in 2003, I realized that I just wasn’t ready for it to end. We had visited Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia on a whirlwind trip. It wasn’t enough for me and it was during that flight home that I made a decision…I realized that I didn’t want to work at my full-time job as a registered nurse until I was 65. I didn’t want to wait to retire and hope that I would be healthy enough to travel and do all the things that I wanted to do before it was too late.


10 of The Most Beautiful Places in Asia

Asia covers a lot of land area and encompasses hundreds of natural scenic wonders. Towering mountains, white-sand beaches, and virgin rainforest parks make up some of the most beautiful natural attractions in Asia. Below are 10 worth your consideration.


Exploring the East for Profitable Art and Craft Imports

Importing crafts and folk art is a great way to fund your travels or create an income living overseas. You get to bridge the gap between an artisan producer in an emerging country and a market back home that can afford to pay top prices for unique, high-quality products. In the process, you can mark-up the goods to create an income for yourself.

A New “Nation” Emerges, Sweet Profits and much more…

Scandinavia is one of the most expensive regions in the world… and Norway is usually the most expensive country within Scandinavia. But thanks to a falling oil price coinciding with a rising U.S. dollar, Norway is on the bargain counter. The Norwegian krone recently touched a 13-year low against the dollar, while the shares of Statoil, Norway’s largest oil company, recently bounced off a six-year low (in dollar terms). These multi-year lows offer enticing buying opportunities for the forward-looking investor.


Bali: An Easy and Beautiful Place to Live

It’s the simple things I love most about life in Bali, one of more than 17,000 islands making up the country of Indonesia. For instance, taking my dogs Abby and Yuki for a walk along the beach at sunset, and dropping in to my favorite beach bar, Warung Rasta, for a cold beer or two. The rickety wooden tables sit right on the black, volcanic sand, and it is the perfect place to watch the sun go down, as Java’s volcanoes loom to the west. As dogs, chickens, and pigs run around the beach, I give the staff a quick wave and they bring me a beer.


Shamanic Rituals and Ancient Theater

Renowned for its beaches and culture, the Indonesian island of Bali plays host to the annual Bali Arts Festival from June 13. This celebration of traditional art and dance includes tribal dress—resplendent golden headgear, vibrantly-colored saris, and ornate tribal masks—and traditional dance unlikely to be seen anywhere outside the remote villages where it originated. A terrific way to immerse yourself in the unique traditions of the Eastern world while soaking up some glorious rays.


Car-Envy Drives Emerging Markets

I ’d spent the day with Mr. Khun, my translator, as we hopscotched between meetings in Rangoon, Burma, on a sultry morning. I had arrived in the middle of monsoon season and the day’s torrential rains had bathed the city clean. Now, the tropical, noonday sun was boiling the puddles into a steamy vapor that embraced the city like a hot Wet-Nap. A pair of large, sliding glass doors glided open and a wave of air-conditioned cool slammed into me.


How to Make the Most of Southeast Asia’s New Low-Cost Airlines

The last decade has seen the rise of the low-cost carrier in Southeast Asia. Cheap, short-hop flights now criss-cross the region—much of it spread across the ocean in archipelagos like the Philippines and Indonesia. This boom in no-frills flights means cheap travel and it’s one of the reasons that my wife Lisa and I can travel so much. We live in Penang, Malaysia, but whatever Asian destination you chose for your home you’ll find it easy to explore the region.

The Six Best Ancient Sites to Visit in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is home to some of the world’s most acclaimed and mysterious ancient ruins. Many of these once-bustling cities and monumental religious sites lay forgotten until relatively recently, jungle-shrouded and known only to a few locals, who thought them the haunts of ghosts and spirits. These marvels of the ancient world are now more accessible to travelers than ever before. Some are well known and easy to reach, others are more of an adventure. Here’s a rundown…


Festivals Around the World: Rambles, Sacred Music, and Oil Wrestling

Visit the old royal capital of Kyoto, Japan, the weekend of June 1 for Takigi O-Noh to celebrate Japan’s ancient musical-theater traditions at the city’s Heian Jingu Shrine. Burning torches illuminate the stage and the costumed performers. Across the East China Sea, the Dragon Boat Festival in Xiamen, China, falls on June 2. Gorge on sticky-rice snacks, watch the race, and place a rice parcel in the water in memory of ancient poet Qu Yuan.

Myths about Emerging Markets

Myths about Emerging Markets

Many emerging markets are actually in much better physical shape than the United States. So for instance, while people think of countries like Indonesia as being highly risky from a fiscal standpoint, Indonesia is actually on much sounder financial footing than the U.S.


Find Your Sea Legs with an Affordable Boating Retirement

You’ve just weighed anchor on another night of bliss, lulled to sleep by the gentle rocking of your sailboat in the calm sea. Before you is a small cove lined by craggy cliffs. Clear blue waters end at a white-sand beach. You’ve had it all to yourself for the last week. It was supposed to be just an overnight stop. But it was so beautiful, you decided to stick around. After a quick dip, you’re enjoying a cup of coffee and a light breakfast on deck as you contemplate which island paradise you’ll go to next.

How I Hop Around the Globe with a Steady Income Stream

How I Hop Around the Globe with a Steady Income Stream

From 1993 to 1999, I traveled and lived all over the world. And during that time, I got to experience wonderful places like the white-sand beaches of the British Virgin Islands…the cafes of Aix-en-Provence, France…the wild summer parties of Corfu, Greece…the exotic culture of Bali, Indonesia…and more.

Keith Hockton thinks he is the luckiest guy in the world living in Malaysia and working as a travel writer.

Travel Wherever You Want, Whenever You Want

I happen to think that I’m one of the luckiest guys in the world. Not only do I live in Malaysia, a beautiful country on so many levels, but also I love what I do. I travel at will, pretty much at the drop of a hat. I’ve enjoyed complimentary meals and hotel upgrades along the way.

Splash Out and Rent Luxury in Asia

Asia beckons for many reasons. Tropical islands with white-sand beaches, lush rain forests filled with fragrant blooms, tree-covered misty mountains, and—if you’re more a big-city type—some of the most frenetic cities on earth, a heady mix of the ultra-modern and exotic traditions.


Bali…Paris…and Arctic Glaciers — The Joys of Travel Photography

When my husband and I wanted to escape the rainy Seattle winter weather in 2012, we planned a trip to South East Asia and spent a month on assignment exploring luxury resorts and spas in Bali, Indonesia. Last summer we relaxed on a luxury barge floating down the Burgundy canal, sipping French wines, visiting local villages and eating fine food along the way. And we did some other business while we were in the neighborhood—in Paris, London, and Wales (nice neighborhood!).

Yoga teachers, like Kirstin Gilbert-Ramirez,
can easily create their own income overseas.

Follow the Wellness Dollars Overseas

From Bali to Belize, retreat centers are popping up to meet the demand of busy First World clients in search of relaxation. Janine Hall has found a niche for women-only retreats focusing on surf and yoga…Carrie Tengler has made a solid living from the spa and yoga business in Belize…and Kristin Gilbert-Ramirez missed yoga so much on her Costa Rican travels that she set up her own classes and decided to move there permanently.

Dragonboats, Zanzibar And Off To The Proms!

Dragonboats, Zanzibar and Off to the Proms!

Start the month on a full stomach by heading to Portland, Jamaica, for the annual Portland Jerk Festival. Barbecues will sizzle on July 1, as traditional dishes are devoured in celebration of a cooking technique synonymous with the Caribbean island.

Rent A Home On A Tropical Asian Island

Rent a Home on a Tropical Asian Island

No matter how small the world gets due to technology, Asia retains an exotic allure for North Americans. Maybe it’s the distance—on the other side of the globe. Or the huge variety of cultures, cuisines, languages, and ways of life.

Secret Beaches in Indonesia

Secret Beaches in Indonesia

Surfers and divers have been coming to the Island of Sumbawa, Indonesia since the 1960s; it’s a mecca for both sports. They stay for months, returning lean, tan, and relaxed. When their friends back home ask where they’ve been, they often lie and say Bali. But this island’s days as a secret paradise are coming to an end.


Travel Where Surfers Arrive by the VW-Beetle Load

In the middle of the Lesser Sunda Islands, in the Flores Sea, lies the island of Sumbawa. It’s a magical island, beautiful, traditional, and one of Indonesia’s best preserved. And the warm, turquoise waters surrounding it are a relaxing 90 F.


When Business Meets Pleasure in Bali…

Ubud, on the Indonesian island of Bali, is a lovely place to spend time. Green rice paddies…mixed Balinese and Dutch colonial architecture…and a “big village” feel. Ubud has kept the artsy, Hindu feel that seems mostly missing from the modern beach fronts of Southern Bali.


Romantic Hideaways

At 129 square feet, this apartment is what real-estate agents call “cozy.” But it’s Paris, city of love and romance. From your fifth-floor balcony you have a view of Place de la République. The square gives its name to the historic neighborhood that surrounds it, where the 3rd, 10th and 11th arrondissements (districts) come together. Le Marais, where some of the oldest buildings in the city line winding, narrow streets, is just a five-minute walk away.


Weighing the Offerings in Bali

Hidden behind a plain-looking building at the end of Monkey Forest Street, it’s the busiest spot in Ubud before sunrise. Hours before a ruckus of motorbikes, tourists, taxis, and noisy cicadas compete for air time in the streets, women gather here daily to collect food for their families and offerings for the gods. It’s the main market.

The Best Emerging Markets You’ve Never Considered

The Best Emerging Markets You’ve Never Considered

The big news this week is the bailout of Ireland by the European Union and the IMF. Ireland’s problem is straightforward: the liabilities of its banks exceed the assets of the state. Put simply, the country is broke.

World news

World news

International Living’s monthly world news…

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