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    Inside this Issue…The Best Retirement Havens in the World; Buy and Fix Up a Colonial Property in Colombia; The Five Best Neighborhoods in Penang, Malaysia; A Traditional Mountain Home in Spain for $90,000; Beach Homes with the Caribbean on Your Doorstep…and much more. Download the January 2014 Issue

  • Bull Jumping and Cockroach Racing

    Bull Jumping and Cockroach Racing

    The devil masks worn for the Diablada de Pillaro (The Dance of the Devils) in Pillaro, Ecuador, have spawned a whole school of art. It’s well worth joining the thousands of onlookers to see the elaborate processions that take place each night from New Year’s Day to January 6. The feast of Edina Bronya, which essentially represents Christmas for the people of Ghana, in west Africa, falls this year on January 2.

  • Name Your Whiskey…And More

    Name Your Whiskey…And More

    A new distillery in Dingle, on the southwest coast of Ireland, is putting whiskey in casks now, for drinking in five years. The barley comes from Irish farms, gets milled in County Kilkenny, and the water comes from a spring well in Dingle. You buy a cask (400 bottles) for €6,000 ($8,100). After five years you can have the whiskey bottled and labeled with your name… or you can sell it back to the distillery (with a minimum return)…or you can choose to keep it in Dingle and allow it to mature further.

  • 48-Hours in Arraiolos, Portugal’s Carpet Town

    48-Hours in Arraiolos, Portugal’s Carpet Town

    Vivid colors, countless sizes, the smell of clean wool and the sound of clacking needles…at every turn is another gallery or store where local ladies sit stitching their carpets and tapestries. Nestled in the rolling hills of the Alentejo region of Portugal, Arraiolos is a medieval gem where you can observe an ancient art carried on since before the reconquest of the Iberian peninsula from the Moors.

  • Record Numbers of Americans Wave Goodbye to Uncle Sam

    Record Numbers of Americans Wave Goodbye to Uncle Sam

    The number of U.S. taxpayers renouncing their American citizenship or permanent-resident status is accelerating. For many, the benefits of U.S. citizenship no longer outweigh the costs. Whether you are a high-net-worth individual or a young entrepreneur with a lifetime of earnings ahead of you, renouncing your U.S. citizenship is the only way to end your U.S. tax obligations.

  • Citizenship Up For Sale

    Citizenship Up For Sale

    The Maltese government had planned to sell citizenship to foreign investors, as part of an Individual Investor Programme. The fact that the government have had to postpone these plans highlights the risks of a program like this and the fact that many of these programs have not stood the test of time. However, the idea of “selling” a passport is not a new concept. Many countries have implemented a similar program to attract foreign investors.

  • The Rewards of Moving to Ecuador with Kids

    The Rewards of Moving to Ecuador with Kids

    Like many parents, my husband David and I have always told our children that they should follow their dreams. We’ve told them that they can be whatever they want to be and live wherever they want to live, but that, most importantly, they should pursue their passions. Of course, deep down we realized that they were never going to follow our advice when we refused to do so ourselves.

  • 1-Page-9-Siem-Reap-Cambodia

    Thriving in Cambodia’s “Art Town”

    It wasn’t long ago that the major streets in the northern Cambodian town of Siem Reap were unpaved. There were no shopping malls, no cocktail bars…in short, it was a place only the most intrepid expats would consider living in. John McDermott, and Narisara Murray, were two of those adventurous expats.

  • Buy And Renovate A Colonial Home In Colombia

    Buy and Renovate a Colonial Home in Colombia

    I have a confession to make. I’m a romantic. Whenever I travel, I look for a hotel or hostel in an old colonial home. When I wake up in the morning, I throw open the shutters or step out onto the balcony imagining I’ve been transported back in time. But there are folks who get to do that every day. And you can, too.

  • Loving Life In Costa Rica’s Central Valley

    Loving Life in Costa Rica’s Central Valley

    It wasn’t practical reasons like lower cost of living, great—and cheap—medical care, and friendly people that convinced Dave Scott, 65, to move to San Ramón, a town on the western edge of Costa Rica’s Central Valley region.Though the country has all those advantages and more, and while those were factors in the decision, it was something else that drew him.“It was like an invisible string around my neck pulling me here,” says Dave. “It’s more of a heart thing than a head thing. It’s hard to explain. It was just the feeling we had.”

  • All Your Stuff: To Ship Or Not To Ship?

    All Your Stuff: To Ship or Not to Ship?

    To ship or not to ship? That’s the vexing question many prospective expats face about their belongings when moving overseas. On the one hand, there are the mystery boxes in your attic or basement that have remained sealed since that last move. Then there are the books, the keepsakes, and that comfy chair. The china cabinet you cherish and the china inside it. Can you bear to leave these behind and just start over?

  • Go Abroad One Spanish School At A Time

    Go Abroad One Spanish School at a Time

    Some people go on vacation to a new country and fall in love with the place, then go home, quit their jobs, and pack up all their worldly belongings to move there. Not me. I have been carefully planning my exit from Canada for the past year. I do it by scouting possible destinations, studying Spanish, and setting up my work as a clinical counselor and travel writer so that I will have an income to support me while I am living my dream.

  • New Jersey Couple Find Health and Freedom in Placencia, Belize

    New Jersey Couple Find Health and Freedom in Placencia, Belize

    At 50 years old, Eugene Upham was too young for retirement. But he was too old for second chances—or so people said. Then Eugene had a heart attack. Though he survived, the part of him that listened to those voices didn’t. As Eugene was recovering, New Jersey was blanketed in several feet of snow. And, as his wife Lynne says, “We knew we had to reevaluate our life.”

  • The 5 Best Neighborhoods For Living In Penang, Malaysia

    The 5 Best Neighborhoods for Living in Penang, Malaysia

    Sitting off the tip of mainland Malaysia, Penang Island is a special place to live, steeped in history and home to historic mansions and shophouses. Just 114-miles square with a population of 600,000 people, the island is also the unofficial “food capital” of Malaysia and a medical center of excellence. For just $11 you can see an English-speaking specialist here who trained in the U.S.—and you don’t even need an appointment.

  • George Town has become an eclectic mix of renovated colonial buildings, shophouses, nightclubs, backpacker hostels and five-star hotels. © International Living

    The World’s Best Retirement Havens 2014

    First-World cities with every modern convenience, beachfront hideaways, medieval towns, tropical islands, temperate mountain valleys… You can chose your favorite climate, your preferred lifestyle…the place you feel most at home…because the world’s best retirement havens have it all… and for pennies on the dollar, too.

  • Buy A Traditional Mountain Home In Andalucía For As Little As $90,000

    Buy a Traditional Mountain Home in Andalucía for as Little as $90,000

    The white-washed town of Istán clings to the slopes of the Sierra de las Nieves (Mountains of the Snows). It’s a truly hidden place—yet stunningly and conveniently positioned. I’ve visited plenty of charming hill towns and villages in Spain, France, and Italy where real estate is cheap. But the downside has always been remoteness. Istán is different.

  • Colombia’s Banks: The Rise of Prosperity Along a New Frontier

    Colombia’s Banks: The Rise of Prosperity Along a New Frontier

    The morning rush hour spreads through the central business district of Popayán, Colombia. But the rush of activity isn’t the relatively few cars and motorbikes slipping through the narrow lanes of this well-preserved colonial city. It’s the armada of street vendors for whom these lanes serve as a showroom floor.

  • An Artisan Boutique In Colonial Guatemala

    An Artisan Boutique in Colonial Guatemala

    I don’t think I could have afforded to make this work in the States,” says expat Britini Port. “It is just too expensive and the high cost of living would make this dream unattainable.” But on a cobbled street of the colonial town of Antigua, Guatemala, Britini’s dream of a thriving business selling her own boot and handbag designs is a reality. It started in 2012.

  • Kersti Landeck and David Feinstein have found the rich loamy soils of Panama's  Chiriquí Highlands ideal for producing fruit wines. © Linda Card

    Running a Winery in the Chiriquí Hills

    People come to live in Panama for lots of reasons. It’s one of the world’s best destinations for retirees, and if you’re keen on running your own business, it’s got much to offer. But if your dream is to establish a winery, then most folks will tell you to look elsewhere. David Feinstein and Kersti Landeck are not most folks.

  • Get A Taste Of Uruguay’s 140-Year-Old Wine Secret

    Get a Taste of Uruguay’s 140-Year-Old Wine Secret

    Sometimes a wine-growing region and grape variety combine to produce a wine legend. Think California’s Napa Valley and Cabernet Sauvignon, or Argentina’s Mendoza region and Malbec. Well, there is another wine-growing region and grape variety combination you should know about: Uruguay and Tannat. Tannat is originally from France. It grows in many countries for use as a blending grape, due to its sharp bite.

  • The Best From Bangkok’s Street Stalls

    The Best from Bangkok’s Street Stalls

    Thai cuisine is known the world over for its delicious, distinctive flavors. In fact, the phrase “Have you eaten yet?” is a typical friendly greeting among Thais. It’s no surprise, then, that Thailand’s urban capital of Bangkok is known as a foodie paradise, especially when it comes to regional and national cuisine prepared and sold from stalls lining the city streets.

  • Good Art, Pottery, And Porcelain In Holland

    Good Art, Pottery, and Porcelain in Holland

    You’ll find Delftware in every Dutch home. The highly sought-after, blue-and-white porcelain is among the world’s finest earthenware, and it’s been the product of one small town in the south of the country since the 16th century. An hour by train from Amsterdam, Delft is the artistic heart of Holland.

  • Fishing and Lazy Days in Pedasí, Panama

    Fishing and Lazy Days in Pedasí, Panama

    Assorted bruises adorned my legs, exhaustion blanketed my body, and my arms were so sore that I questioned whether they could lift my evening mojito and fresh-from-the-ocean tuna sashimi to my lips. Yet, despite these discomforts, I was sporting an enormous grin that just wouldn’t go away. How did I end up in pain and sipping cocktails with a goofy smile plastered across my face?

  • Our Only Ecuador Conference Of The Year

    Our Only Ecuador Conference of the Year

    Runner up of the 2014 Global Retirement Index, Ecuador offers sophisticated historical cities…miles of unspoiled, sun-kissed beaches…fertile farmland…and temperate mountain hideaways…and all of it for pennies on the dollar. You can live well for a fraction of the cost of living back in the U.S. And with Ecuador’s official currency the U.S. dollar, you needn’t worry about complicated currency calculations or exchange risks.

  • Beach Homes With The Caribbean On Your Doorstep

    Beach Homes with the Caribbean on Your Doorstep

    It’s no coincidence that commercials for vacations, resorts, or cruises in North America prominently feature the white sands, clear-blue waters, and laid-back vibe of Caribbean beaches. It is paradise and close to home. Maybe that’s why it’s been a premier vacation destination for decades. But thanks to affordable real estate available throughout the region, you’re not limited to the all-inclusives—it is possible to enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle year-round from your own home.

  • Expats-Make-The-Strangest-B

    Expats Make the Strangest Bedfellows…

    Sitting at the long table at a lakeside restaurant a few years ago, I took stock of my dinner companions. Two attorneys: one conservative from Florida, and one liberal from California. The female attorney had been a local magistrate and is married to a former county commissioner. The male attorney’s wife was a legal assistant.

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Each day you'll learn about the best places to retire, travel, buy real estate and enjoy life overseas.

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