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International Living will bring you a world of new opportunities. You’ll read about ways to dramatically change the way you live—for the better. Romantic places to live. Luxurious places to travel. Inexpensive places to retire. Rewarding investments. Safe havens for rest, tranquility…places to let your imagination and your creativity soar.

No, you don’t have to be rich and famous to enjoy an international lifestyle. International Living will help you understand that all you need is the special imagination to appreciate all the opportunities the world has to offer.

Each month, we delve into the details you need to take action. We share our contacts. We lay out the pluses and minuses. And we keep you up-to-date on the latest developments with the best havens abroad.

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Sample Issue

  • Up-Helly-Aa

    Torch-Wielding Vikings and a City of Ice

    All around the world, people like to welcome the New Year in style. Take the city of Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. Every January sees the return of the Junkanoo Parade—one of the oldest street festivals in the Caribbean. With drums and horns blasting through the air, the party atmosphere is palpable.

  • Page-3---Books---Credit-Martin-Lehmann-Dreamstime-com

    Winged Terrors Keep the Bugs at Bay

    Bats portend doom. So the folklore goes. In New Mexico a bat in the house means a death will occur within eight days. In the Midwest it’s within a few months. And if you live in Washington State, the good news is you have a whole year.

  • Page-4----Somoto-Canyon,-Nicaragua---Credit----Riderfoot-Dreamstime-com

    Swimming Pigs and Evicted Mummies

    Somoto Canyon is one of the oldest rock formations in Central America, and Northern Nicaragua’s most-impressive natural attraction. But it went undiscovered until 2004, when a team of Czech and Nicaraguan scientists stumbled upon this colossal natural wonder.

  • Page-5---Ile-de-Re,-France---Credit--Petegar-Istock

    Bikes, Beaches, and Oysters on France’s Secret Island

    France has no shortage of elegant beach towns, but none transports you to a more graceful time and place than the island of Île de Ré. Floating in an ocean of clear blue-green water on France’s southwestern coast, this little-known island is a world of scrubby pine trees and golden shores.

  • Copper-chart

    An Unlikely Opportunity, a Valuable Resource and more

    The mood on copper has tarnished lately. The industrial metal was down 17% in late 2015. It hit a six-year low in August.But the situation for copper is not as dire as it seems. In fact, we could be in for an upside surprise this year.

  • Page-8---Seville,-Spain---Credit--titoslack-Istock

    Sunshine, Tapas, and Great Healthcare in Southern Spain

    ying at the heart of sunny Andalucía, Seville is one of southern Spain’s most beautiful cities. Waves of conquerors, from the Romans to the Moors, have left their stamp on its spectacular architecture. Thousands of tapas bars line the streets, and the warm Spanish sun nurtures parks full of palm trees.

  • Page-10-11---Cotacachi,-Ecuador---Credit-Hugo-Ghiara

    Cotacachi: Buy for Under $100,000 in Ecuador’s Andes

    There’s something special about Cotacachi, Ecuador. It has a magnetic quality that draws people in and makes them want to call this town home. Maybe it’s the magic feeling of having two sacred mountains stand guard over this little valley town. Perhaps it’s the crisp, clean air and the perfect blue of the equatorial sky. It could be the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that envelops this area. Or maybe it’s the whole package.

  • david

    Retire in Comfort with Panama’s Pensionado Visa

    “We have everything we want here,” Chris Gallimore says of his and his wife Katherine’s new life in Panama. “A nice home in the country, perfect climate, plenty of friends, and a social life. Before we moved to Panama, work just got in the way of our hobbies. Now we do what we want.”

  • cuneca

    Low-Cost Living and Great Retiree Benefits in Cuenca

    “We love the fact that our retirement income goes so much further here,” says Leanne Crawley of her and her husband’s retirement in the mountain city of Cuenca, Ecuador. “Our quality of life is so much better than it was in the States, when we were both working too hard. We’re thankful for the friendships we’ve made with people from all over the world. Living in Cuenca, we experience a sense of peace and joy that we’ve never known. We are truly blessed.”

  • ambergris caye

    A “Do Nothing” Lifestyle in the Caribbean

    Feeling burned out by their busy careers, Clive and Janet Brewster made the big decision to leave the working world behind in October 2014. That’s when they embarked on a new life on the Belizean island of Ambergris Caye. Today you’ll find them living a life of leisure and luxury on this laidback Caribbean island.

  • Page-14-15---Caye-Caulker,-Belize---Credit----michalzak-Istock

    Enrich Your Life Abroad Through Volunteering

    How do you see yourself spending your ideal retirement? Does it involve strolling the cobbled streets of an historic city in Europe? Or maybe you’d rather lounge, cocktail in hand, on a lounge chair by a tropical beach. If you’re like me, you’d prefer the abundant clean air and farm-fresh produce in an Ecuadorian mountain town, relaxing in the local expat hangout when you’re not exploring awe-inspiring valleys and colorful local markets.

  • Page-16---San-Ramon,-Costa-Rica---Credit-Erica-Mills

    A Low-Stress Retirement on $2,000 a Month in Healthy San Ramón

    As their retirement approached, Georgia natives Rob and Jeni Evans were left with a stark choice: find more work, or look for a new home overseas where they could live comfortably on their retirement income. They found just such a place in the city of San Ramón, in Costa Rica’s Central Valley. Here they now enjoy a happy, healthy retirement on $2,000 a month—including great healthcare coverage for less than a quarter of the cost back home. And having left the financial stresses and daily grind of the U.S. behind, they have time to pursue new passions in the land of Pura Vida (pure life).

  • Page-18---Isla-Mujeres,-Mexico---Credit---Csondy-Istock

    The Islands of the Riviera Maya: Caribbean Oases with Every Amenity

    The islands of Mexico’s famed Riviera Maya offer stunning, sugar-sand beaches and warm, clear waters teeming with brightly colored fish. The climate remains fairly constant in the low- to mid-80s F. And while there is sometimes heavy rain from May through October, for the most part, you’ll enjoy weather that pilots call “severe clear,” with blue skies, gentle breezes, and over 225 hours of sunshine each month on average.

  • Page-20---Playa-Carrillo-Co

    The World’s Top Retirement Havens for 2016

    Retiring abroad is easier and more affordable than ever before. These days it really is possible to spend your days relaxing beneath palm fronds on a Caribbean beach, enjoying farm-fresh produce in a mountain haven with year-round spring weather, or wandering the storied streets of a historic and cultured European city…or all of the above. But with so many choices available, finding the right one can seem daunting.

  • Panama City

    Panama Earns the No.1 Spot in This Year’s Index

    “We’re healthier and living a better lifestyle here than we ever did in the U.S.,” says expat Mitzi Martain, who has lived on her farm near Santa Fe, Panama for nearly nine years now. “And our Social Security income covers all our monthly expenses.” Mitzi and her husband Bill are two of the approximately 50,000 U.S. expats who have found their piece of paradise in this year’s winner—Panama.

  • Page-26---Uruguay---Credit-

    Cheap, Productive Farmland: Your Path to Fortune

    The world is roaring toward food shortages. According to the World Bank, at least 50% more food is needed by 2050 to feed nine billion people. And it’s not just more food that’s needed; this fast-growing, global middle class wants different foods—producing meat takes a lot of water and animal feed. China, for example, has added 100 million new middle-class mouths in the past decade. Brazil has seen its middle class grow by 40 million from 2005 to 2011. Now 54% of the population, or 103 million people, fall within Brazil’s middle class.

  • Page-28-29---India---Credit

    Two Hot Emerging Markets for 2016—and How to Play Them

    Traditionally, when the global economy slows down, foreign direct investment—a key driver for emerging-market growth—dries up. And while emerging markets are the center of world economic growth right now, the World Bank and the OECD have both cut GDP expectations for next year. That could mean that emerging markets will take a hit. This being the case, you might think now would be a bad time to invest in emerging markets. And you’d be wrong. There are several hot-spots that investors shouldn’t overlook just because they are emerging markets. I’ve picked out two well-established economies that are expected to outperform their peers in 2016 and give you a tidy profit in the process.

  • Page-30---Banking-online---

    Digital Privacy: How to Protect Yourself and Your Data

    If someone could secretly monitor everything you’ve done on your computer, what could they find? Photos of your family? Your bank details? The truth is that data you entered into your computer months or years ago can be retrieved long after you think it’s gone. And old files you deleted can still be found, even years after you removed them. All computers are vulnerable to this. And in the wrong hands, this information can easily come back to haunt you.

  • Page-32---Boquette-Panama--

    Tapping into Boquete’s Thriving Food Scene

    At a crossroads in his career, Chris Young left Missouri with his family for the mountain town of Boquete, in Panama’s Chiriquí province, five years ago. Here, in a town with a low cost of living, low costs of doing business, and a thriving culinary culture, he found the perfect place to realize his dreams of becoming a chef. Today, after immersing himself in the area’s exciting food scene, he indulges his passion by preparing delicious meals for expats and locals alike.

  • Page-33---Las-Terrenas-Domi

    “I Have Found my Calling” on a Tropical Island

    Tired of being stuffed in an office cubicle all day, every day, Dan Williams had to make a choice: stay the course, or scrape together the money he had and head off for the white sands and blue waters of the Dominican Republic. He took the second option… Now—when he’s not catching up with expat buddies and enjoying his time in the sand—Dan supports his new lifestyle with Dan and Manty’s Guesthouse, the business he co-owns with his Dominican partner.

  • Page-34---Sete-France---Cre

    France’s “Secret Venice” on the Mediterranean

    Of the handful of canal towns that fancy themselves the “Venice of France,” the port town of Sète, in the Languedoc region on France’s Mediterranean coast, comes closest to deserving that title. Its blue-green canals are stunning, wide, and elegant. And, as in Venice, they are an integral part of daily life. But, swap Venice’s sleek gondolas for Sète’s workaday fishing boats. And instead of multi-million-dollar edifices lining the canals, expect to see rows of lovely, pastel-hued, 19th-century buildings with rusting, wrought-iron balconies and flaking façades.

  • Page-35---Cuenca-Ecuador---

    A Tour of Cuenca’s Culinary Pleasures

    For years our hometown of Cuenca, Ecuador, has been crowned one of the world’s top retirement destinations. From my home, a short walk from the historic center of this colonial gem, it’s easy to see why. The low cost of living, the temperate climate, and the excellent medical facilities make for a comfortable life, and you’ll find plenty to do. I must admit, though, that when my wife Cynthia and I first arrived in Cuenca over five years ago, the culinary scene left a lot to be desired. But there has been an amazing transformation in Cuenca’s dining options.

  • Cuenca

    The Perfect Retirement Awaits You…

    Perhaps you long for your own cottage on a quiet beach…a grand apartment in a city vibrant with concerts and cafés…a mountain villa where the air is crisp…or even your own vineyard amid gently rolling hills. Whatever you fantasize about, come to the New Orleans Marriott this April with that idea in mind. Dream big.

  • Jan-Global-Prop-Notes

    Good-Value Buys in Our Top Retirement Countries

    What makes for a great place to live? An ideal climate…modern services and conveniences like high-speed internet…high-quality but low-cost healthcare…a no-hassle visa or residence program…a lower cost of living. And good-value real estate. In many places around the world you can have all this, plus little luxuries like having someone else clean your house, your yard, and do your laundry.

  • Ecuador

    Trust Your Gut to Guide the Way

    Take a second right now and pat your stomach. Seriously. Just put your hand on your navel and give your belly a nice little pat. Your hand is resting on the most important tool for telling if a retirement destination is right for you. It’s your gut. And if you’re wondering where to make that move, you’re holding one of the most powerful tools for making the right decision in your hands: your January issue of International Living.

  • IL January 2016_Cover

    Download Your January 2016 PDF

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