Cost of Living in Belize

Cost of Living in Belize

Though Belize isn’t the cheapest country in the Western Hemisphere, it takes less to live well in Belize than in most places in the U.S., Canada, or Europe.
Here’s a sample monthly budget for two people:

· Rent (an unfurnished house): $400




· Electric (without air conditioning): $80

· Water: $25

· Butane gas (for cooking and bathing): $25

· Cable TV (100 Channels): $20

· Internet with landline ($500 deposit plus installation): $80

· Groceries: $150 to $300

· Entertainment (dining out and other activities): $200 to $400


Household help:


· Maid (about 50 hours a month): $130

· Gardener (about 50 hours a month): $130

· Incidentals: $175


Monthly total:   $1,415 to $1,765


*Prices as of 2013


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