Honduras: Quintessential Caribbean


Honduras has 367 miles of Caribbean coastline on the mainland alone. Towns along the coast offer hospitable, waterfront living, with a mountainous backdrop—and property prices are often lower than those on the Bay Islands. But even on the Bay Islands you can still find good bargains if you know where to look…


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Fast Facts About Honduras

  • Population: 8,448,465
  • Capital City: Tegucigalpa
  • Climate: Subtropical in lowlands, temperate in mountains
  • Time Zone: GMT-6
  • Language: Spanish (official)
  • Country Code: 504


Creating a Tourism Income on the Tropical Island of Roatán

Imagine owning a business needing zero capital investment and offering an immediate start-up option. Now imagine owning that business on a Caribbean island… spending your days in the sun and your evenings enjoying the ocean breeze with friends. That’s exactly what Sophia Fedio does after leaving her trendy loft and successful career back in Toronto and becoming a tourism concierge in Roatán, the largest of Honduras’s Bay Islands in the Caribbean Sea. In early 2013, she joined forces with Avi D’Souza, who had started the business, West Bay Tours, and was seeking a partner.

Roatan, Honduras

A Love Affair with the Honduran Island of Roatán

It isn’t hard to understand the love affair expats have with the little island that I’m happy to call home: the blue skies and turquoise seas, the endless sunshine, and lush, jungle-covered hills. It’s a love affair that continues to suck more North Americans and Europeans into its vortex. Those expats who live on the island of Roatán will tell you they couldn’t stand another harsh winter, or another day in their fluorescently lit office, or yet another advertisement telling them what else is missing in their lives. Roatán offers an escape from all that.

Big Ben $ Tropical Island

Five Escapes Where English is Spoken

The spread of the British Empire through trade, colonization, and conquest brought the English language to far-flung corners of the globe. But even as that empire declined and shrank, the language was left behind. And with English becoming the language of business and diplomacy, that influence is in no danger of going away.

Expats Enjoy a Sailing Retirement in the Med, Latin America and Asia from $1,000 a Month

“Plenty of everyday people are choosing to live on the water full-time—in their retirement,” says InternationalLiving.com editor Jason Holland, author of the publication’s new report. “After a bit of training and hands-on experience at home, they’re tying up beside mega-yachts in the Mediterranean, finding large floating communities of like-minded expat sailors in the Caribbean, and island hopping in the Gulf of Thailand, heading wherever their fancy takes them.”

Roatan, Honduras: Fun…Sun…And An Income On Island Time

I bet you’ve imagined it before: the sun is slowly rising over the palm trees, its morning rays glistening across the water as far as the eye can see. The birds are waking up and singing their morning tunes to welcome the day. They’re not early risers because everything here is on island time. A cool breeze blows in from the ocean to balance the warm sun shining on your face.


Make Money in Property Management— No Experience Required

Vacation rentals are a great way for an investor to create an income overseas but, unless they’re living next door, anyone who owns a vacation rental needs someone to manage it for them. Property management is a business you can start with absolutely no investment. You are simply trading your time and effort.


Living on Less than $1,500 a Month Overseas

Most mornings Chuck and Kathy Baumgarten can be found leisurely sipping coffee and enjoying the sunrise from their porch. It’s easy to see why if you visit their home. They have one of the most scenic vistas in all of Ecuador. Mount Imbabura seems to rise from their backyard. A 180-degree turn showcases Mount Cotacachi’s golden-hour glow.

Beach Homes With The Caribbean On Your Doorstep

Beach Homes with the Caribbean on Your Doorstep

It’s no coincidence that commercials for vacations, resorts, or cruises in North America prominently feature the white sands, clear-blue waters, and laid-back vibe of Caribbean beaches. It is paradise and close to home. Maybe that’s why it’s been a premier vacation destination for decades. But thanks to affordable real estate available throughout the region, you’re not limited to the all-inclusives—it is possible to enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle year-round from your own home.


An Unbelievably Affordable Beach Life on Roatan

“Sometimes we just shake our heads in disbelief that we actually own a home right on the beach in one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen,” Paula Irvin says. “It’s absolutely amazing!” Hummingbirds zip around the bright-red feeder hanging from the balcony. “They always come at this time—just as the sun begins to dip into the ocean and the other birds start calling to each other a goodnight song,” says Paula. Paula and her husband Randy blissfully watch this evening routine…

Easy, Carefree Living By The Beach

Easy, Carefree Living by the Beach

For Rebecca and Keith Clower, and their two young children ages three and five, their house by the beach isn’t just an address…it’s a lifestyle. They recently built a home in a development on the Bahia de Los Piratas, or Pirate’s Bay, on Costa Rica’s northern Pacific coast, also known as the Gold Coast. They live on a hill, with an ocean-view, and you can see clear to Playa Flamingo and Playa Conchal, two nearby expat enclaves. The beach is mere minutes away on foot.


Live on an Island: Seven of the World’s Best

Islands are places where the stars shine bright at night. Out in the ocean, a profound quiet exists (no traffic jams, hassled commuters, sirens). And because not everything is always so easy to get on an island, one tends to care less about “getting” at all. Life really does become simpler. That stretch of water that separates an island from the mainland is nature’s moat. It keeps these places special…apart.

In Pictures: Seven of the World’s Best Islands

Islands are places where the stars shine bright at night. Out in the ocean, a profound quiet exists. There are no traffic jams, hassled commuters, or sirens. And because not everything is always so easy to get on an island, one tends to care less about “getting” at all. Life really does become simpler.


Leave “Ordinary” Behind—Starting Now

I’ve always been one of those people who won’t settle for “ordinary.” Sure, I have done my share of everyday things…but if I can find a way to step beyond the run-of-the-mill, you can bet I will! One of the ways I left “ordinary” behind was with my career. I spent many years working as a tax accountant—I knew there had to be a better way to spend my time.

Island Life Properties

Island Life Properties

In this edition of Property Picks, we take a look at some of the world’s most picturesque island real estate.

Five Reasons to Move to Roatan, Honduras

Five Reasons to Move to Roatan, Honduras

Honduras wasn’t on our list of retirement destinations until International Living introduced us to the Bay Islands of Honduras in 2003. After checking out the islands, we knew this was the place for us and have since moved to Roatan (the largest of the Bay Islands). Below are just some of the reasons we love living here.


The World’s Best Retirement Havens

Look at the right places beyond our borders today, and you’ll find you have more good choices than ever for a comfortable – even a pampered – retirement. In any one of our top 19 havens for 2012, a lifestyle well beyond your reach in the States could be yours for pennies on the dollar. In this, our annual Global Retirement Index, we bring you the top choices available on the planet today.

Most Exciting Haven: Entertainment and Amenities

Most Exciting Haven: Entertainment and Amenities

France came in joint second place in this category, thanks in large part to its rich, fascinating culture. But you don’t need number-crunchers to tell you its bon vivant lifestyle is special. Step off a plane and you’ll experience it first-hand. It’s impossible to enumerate the joy of lingering for hours over dinner and a bottle of red wine in a Parisian brasserie…

A New Life and Business in Roatan, Honduras

A New Life and Business in Roatan, Honduras

Quentin and Wyona McKay wanted to move to paradise. They wanted to exchange their hectic life for a simpler, more fulfilling one…to own their own business in an exotic tropical location and work for themselves doing something they enjoy.

Living The Dream: Doing Business In Paradise

Living the Dream: Doing Business in Paradise

Quentin and Wyona McKay wanted to move to paradise. They wanted to exchange their hectic life for a simpler, more fulfilling one…to own their own business in an exotic tropical location and work for themselves doing something they enjoy…

Where To Start A Business Abroad: Our 7 Top Picks For The Year Ahead

Where to Start a Business Abroad: Our 7 Top Picks for the Year Ahead

It might be a palapa bar on a white-sand beach, deep-sea fishing tours, a restaurant, a surf shop, importing t-bone steaks, teaching English, making cheese, exporting art work…Whatever your idea, there’s a place overseas where you can make it a profitable reality. But readers ask us all the time: Where is best? That’s why we’ve put together International Living’s first-ever Business Index.

Fish Tacos and Cocktails Surf-Side: Creating a Caribbean “Restaurant Dream”

Fish Tacos and Cocktails Surf-Side: Creating a Caribbean “Restaurant Dream”

While still in Canada, Daphne visualized her new life. She knew what it would look like when she found it. Taking vacations throughout Latin America, she evaluated each country as a possible location. Some were already too developed, others too remote with limited business opportunities, still others lacked the pristine beauty and relaxed quality of life she sought. Nothing seemed quite right. Then she found the island of Roatán, Honduras.

Finding Adventure in Retirement

Finding Adventure in Retirement

Three ex-pats in three different countries tell the story of how and why they made a new life for themselves abroad.

How to Save $110,000 on Your Caribbean View

How to Save $110,000 on Your Caribbean View

Out beyond the turquoise water, waves break on the reef. I’m standing on a white-sand beach looking at the Caribbean. Behind me, a gentle breeze rustles the thick foliage covering the hillsides. The occasional sway of the trees reveals sheltered shorefront homes just back from the sand.

Watch This…

Watch This…

There’s a lot going on in the world of real estate opportunities right now…too much to fit in my regular weekly alerts.

That’s why I’ve made a brief video report alerting you to important updates on Mexico’s Caribbean coast…the island of Roatan…Fortaleza’s next big thing…Ecuador’s north coast…and more.

Adventures in the Caribbean

Adventures in the Caribbean

We’re flying in a small Czech-built LET 420. The kindest thing to say about it is that it’s an experienced aircraft, chugging and bouncing us to the island.

The Caribbean Revealed: Roatan Scouting Report

The Caribbean Revealed: Roatan Scouting Report

I’ve just returned from a scouting trip to Roatan—the largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands. When I arrived on Roatan, I found was an island where everything had changed…and yet nothing had changed. Let me explain..

We Broke The “Rules” and Moved To Roatan

We Broke The “Rules” and Moved To Roatan

After a lifetime of doing what we were expected to do, my husband Joel and I finally broke several “rules” and moved overseas—to our new house by the sea.

Take the Plunge: Three IL Subscribers Are Glad They Did

Take the Plunge: Three IL Subscribers Are Glad They Did

Over the last 30 years, IL has helped many readers fulfill their dreams and move overseas. Below we profile three couples: Lifetime Members Anna and Joel have been living blissfully on the tropical island of Roatan for the past four years; Derek and Lesley have just quit their jobs and are leaving Canada in an RV, in search of Paradise; and Scot and Kristine have recently opened a new resort on Little Corn Island off Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast.


A Truly Tropical Retreat on Roatan

Lots of spas describe their facilities as retreats, but Santé Wellness Center truly is one. You arrive by boat, a warm trade wind ambling by and a quintessential Caribbean postcard before you: Tall green hills dense with growth, a ring of white sand, and a shock of turquoise water.

Honduras Shouldn't Become "Venezuela West"

Honduras Shouldn’t Become “Venezuela West”

Five days after ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was removed from power and sent to Costa Rica in his pajamas, leaders of the coup vowed that he would never return to power, despite an ultimatum by the Organization of American States (OAS).

Letter From Mexico

Letter From Mexico

At the beginning of October, the Christmas decorations began appearing in the shops and stores of Merida.

The Travel Press Talks: October 2008

The Travel Press Talks: October 2008

Mezquita, Cordoba, Spain While Christian Europe limped through the dark ages, Cordoba, in southern Spain, was a thriving metropolis with streetlights, libraries, and more than 100,000 shops. Paul Richardson of Conde Nast Travelerexplains that, with only Baghdad and Constantinople to rival it, this exotic gem on Spain’s southern tip was “the New York of the […]

Selling trinkets for profit

Make 600% Profit From $2 Trinkets

A few months ago, I wrote about a woman named Blue Abele. After attending IL’s first Import-Export conference, Blue created a website to sell her craft finds. (She’d previously sold to friends and at craft shows.) In the first week the website was up, she made $3,000 worth of sales.

Clarification Causes Confusion

In May it was announced that visitors to Panama entering on a tourist visa would no longer be granted a 90-day stay (extendable for another 90 days). Instead, immigration officials said, those entering on a tourist visa would be granted just 30 days-extendable up to 60 additional days. This month, rumors began circulating that the […]

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